DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolDoes including Time itself as a client in the Lightworker Healing Protocol have practical value for healing? Would this be subsumed by a request to include not only all that is within the free will galaxy, including the ether, but also what is without?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This would be subsumed by that broad all-encompassing designation but time can become distorted and benefit from healing as well in the same sense that all energies can be perverted to be used for a dark purpose and this can result in a wounding, in a sense, not in the way of bruised feelings experienced by human beings with a consequence for their self-esteem, but in the sense of smooth functioning with regard to the precision of their workings and to not introduce sources of error that could affect others relying on uniform and precise energies being at work that can be relied on to be uniform and predictable. So including this as a client will give the broadest latitude with the added advantage of bringing it to the awareness of the practitioner as well. This will allow adding more intention to the undertaking to the extent practitioners will appreciate the implications and be wanting a betterment that includes this parameter. As in all aspects of the Protocol, the better informed and knowledgeable the practitioner, the greater power of intention they can bring to bear to inform the work and fuel it and the more comprehensive and long‑lasting the benefits will be for the recipients of the Protocol work.