DWQA QuestionsCategory: Healing ModalitiesHow effective are The Body Code and The Emotion Code, developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson compared to Holographic Memory Resolution coupled with DNA ThetaHealing, or the Lightworker Healing Protocol?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

They will be comparable to Holographic Memory Resolution as practiced typically, but inferior to subconscious channeling coupled with Holographic Memory Resolution, particularly with the addition of DNA ThetaHealing belief work done in concert. And that is the difficulty most people have in reaching parallel life traumas to work on them coherently. There will be some energetic reach to prior times set by intention, and that can have some benefit, but will not be as thorough nor nearly as certain to do the job as when the mind itself can communicate with the practitioner and define the circumstances of difficulty causing a problem for the person. That cannot normally be communicated to the conscious level because of the disconnection of the very deep subconscious, worrying about contents in the akashic records, and so on. The body will reflect what the mind knows to some degree, but will not be felt so strongly in the body unless there is a registration during the current life of the events. There can, in some cases, be such a registration and, in addition, an energetic link to the worrying about the akashic record of what came before that resonates.

So for some individuals, such deep connections can be perceived to some degree, but again this will not be as thorough and effective as going to the deepest level of the mind to begin with and addressing its concerns, for that is the center of the problem. All the rest, the body symptoms, the emotions, will be a secondhand and indirect representation of that deep inner reality, but will not have a description or discernible relationship to anything in particular, nor can healing be simply sent to deal with it. There needs to be a true analysis and reckoning with an intention for specific healing behind it to do the job effectively. The Lightworker Healing Protocol will far exceed what these modalities have to offer because of its multifaceted nature and the fact it is truly engaging the divine realm to do the healing.

The human practitioner is always the weak link in any healing undertaken, so the more the divine is involved the better. But as you know, there are many things decided by the mind of the client that cannot be violated by overstepping those limits on the part of the divine realm, whereas a human practitioner can engage with the mind and negotiate a resolution in some way to heal the inner reservations, restrictions, and roadblocks it has put in place that can thwart a divine intervention in some cases. So there is room for both types of approaches, always, in helping people receive a maximum benefit. The question is if you want to know the greatest overall long-term benefit, the Lightworker Healing Protocol would win hands down because it works on so many things over such a lengthy period of time. So isolated sessions working through the Body Code or the Emotion Code will only begin to scratch the surface for most individuals. That is not to say one cannot get meaningful relief for particular problems. This is true for HMR as well. But most people need deeper, more consistent, and lifelong repeated bouts of healing intervention to undo the wrongs of the past they live with, and that will carry forward into their future incarnations.