DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsHow much is fear a component of stubbornness? Is fear behind indecisiveness that is seen as stubbornness?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Fear is a great motivator and it can be a motivation to stubbornly resist something seen as a threat or a risk to wellbeing, and indeed, fear is often a component of indecisiveness. Many faced with choices that do not provide a clear superior winner will simply choose one to see what happens as a way of learning more about the consequences of that decision, with a willingness to take on the associated risks of uncertainty. When the stakes are high enough, not understanding and being confident of the best choice will typically engender great inner fear being produced as a brake to make a person err on the side of caution and delay making a decision as long as possible, all the time wanting clarity and for a greater understanding to perhaps break the tie. But in situations, which are all too common, when either choice or an array of choices will bring about negativity irregardless, there may, in fact, be virtue in the indecisiveness that at least will delay a day of reckoning when something bad will happen inevitably. What this illustrates is a normal mechanism in operating as a physical human where emotions are designed in to be an adjunct to help remind a person about the seriousness of choices in thinking about what might play out, and then having inner unpleasant feelings arise as a way of reinforcing the wisdom or lack of wisdom in a given alternative. But to the extent emotion can get out of hand, be excessive, and even destructive to wellbeing, this points clearly to the need for healing to reduce undue stress that is not only unhealthy but counterproductive to clear thinking and wise decision-making.