DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionIf the Disclosure is triggered, will it be all talk and mind control persuasion, or will there be devastating attacks and destruction started to push humanity into a state of panic as part of the implementation strategy?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago
We wish we could tell you this will be smooth and relatively uneventful, other than the emotional gnashing of teeth, fear, and disorientation, with the eventual meltdowns and irrational reactions of people turning to violence, and so on, as the only downside. It may well be the extraterrestrials will not resist temptation to use the opportunity for a show of power with devastating consequences. After all, given their long-standing mind control manipulation to make people discount the existence of extraterrestrials due to incorporation of negative beliefs implanted within the mind, they may well find it necessary for a dark demonstration to shake people out of their complacency and override their inner disbelief in extraterrestrial matters. Even with a coming out party and a demonstration of the presence of ETs, it is human nature to not believe what one is seeing if there are strong inner beliefs to the contrary. This is how eyewitnesses to miracles can turn around and deny what they themselves saw, because their beliefs will disallow it and they will resist acting on what their eyes tell them. So time will tell how bad things get. We, of course, are working avidly to keep things on an even keel and help to influence the extraterrestrials to not run away with themselves here, and cause more damage. There has been enough already, so the ideal would be that a coming out party and perhaps a visible demonstration of their advanced technology alone will provide sufficient persuasion.