DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA practitioner asks: “In our Lightworker Healing Protocol, can we ask that the intention of human beings currently in the light wanting our success, be added to all our sessions?” Can that be done, and would it be helpful?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

Indeed, this can be done. Despite your doubts, thinking that because these beings are on a different plane of existence, they cannot participate in any way with the human drama unfolding, there are exceptions to the rule. The exception is in the case of what might be desired by the human on the ground involved in the fray directly within the human earth plane. You are in charge of this enterprise. Your word is law in your realm. This is what keeps the divine realm on the sidelines in almost every instance when there is human tragedy—because fewer and fewer people reach out to us asking for assistance and support. It used to be automatic that people turned to God for every need, wanting help and healing, guidance and hope, and many, many other things depending on the particular circumstances. Belief in prayer has waned steadily, and with it, the decline of human involvement with divine realm altogether. This is a great loss and a great tragedy that will compound difficulties for human because you are in over your heads, quite literally, being outthought, outfought, and outmaneuvered through the manipulations of the Extraterrestrial Alliance. They are way ahead of you tactically and strategically. There is a work-around, and that is going to the light, as we have said many times now. The more ingenuity you apply to the dilemma, the better your chances get.

This is one of the better ideas with respect to pooling of intentions, as we have taught when many people align together and desire the same outcome, their intentions can be pooled by the divine realm to make the concerted effort more powerful in focusing a greater aggregate of energy to the task. This is the basis of group prayer, even as a prayer chain, where people may engage sequentially as they are notified of the need of a parishioner in distress, and then contact others, all of whom may pray in different ways at different times, but with the intention being for the betterment of the target subject. The divine realm can pool all the varied requests coming in, even days apart, and use them together and their power of intention to make healing happen in a much more effective way than would be the case with only a few engaged in prayer. The key is the alignment of intention. So you cannot pool all prayers together in this way because they are focused on differing tasks and differing target subjects. It is only when the intentions align with respect to the desired outcome that this pooling of energy is allowed.

In normal circumstances, with the hands-off policy on the part of all beings not within the earth plane, so they cannot intervene even to save lives, this would seem an insurmountable handicap to call on any being outside of the earth plane itself. This is strictly true for all light beings throughout the universe who are not a part of the human project directly. They can participate, they can encourage within certain limits, for example, through channeled messages of upliftment in giving a kind of pep talk, but they are not allowed to provide solutions or lead humans with regard to new knowledge that gives them an advantage they have not earned through their own creativity and explorations. The latter is what you are doing with us, so we have not given you the whole story and laid out an action plan at the outset. You have had to work at this for years now to develop more and more awareness and a keener and keener insight about how things are working against humanity, and test differing approaches and potential solutions, and explore the pros and cons with carefully worded, insightful questions that begin to enable greater and greater depth and specificity of our replies. So you are shaping what comes, not to change reality or change the true meaning of things, but to gain further level of detail and completeness in the answers and descriptions of the phenomena you are facing. This is part and parcel of why this is a divine human project—it is one of learning and growth. You do the learning and the growth, both, we provide the challenges and the wherewithal to prevail if you figure out what you need in time and request it with sufficient numbers of fellow humans.

So while human beings in the light cannot intervene on your behalf unilaterally, they can participate if invited and this is what people do all the time in reaching out to their loved ones through prayer, asking for signs they may still exist, and are thinking of the bereaved family member still on Earth in the physical grieving them, or who want the help of someone in the light to assist with their life in some way. This can be allowed in the same way prayers are answered by Creator, they can be answered by a loved one if it is highest and best for this to happen. It may well be the case because it serves not only the one making the prayer request, but often to add additional healing to the being in the light who has karmic obligations perhaps unfulfilled with the relative still among the living, so this can be a win-win situation indeed. In the same way, with all of the karma that has built up for humanity, all human beings in the light have extensive karmic backlog of unmet need greatly in need of healing help. They can only receive this when they are within the earth plane in keeping with the rules for the divine human project for it to all take place within the physical plane and not be overridden and made up for during the sojourn in between lifetimes. That does allow some rest and recuperation, but does not change or improve the karmic status of the person who must then return to the physical to resume working on their issues in attempting to move forward to a greater state of enlightenment.

This, as you know, can be an agonizingly slow and difficult process, particularly so because there are not good, efficient healing modalities that can heal people effectively compared to the Lightworker Healing Protocol, which is still quite new and known to only a few as yet. So one further way to catapult the efficacy of the Lightworker Healing Protocol, is for each practitioner to request that all like intentions for human betterment desired and requested by the humans in the light who wish to have their intentions join those of the practitioners who are requesting this, be added to each session on an ongoing basis. This will be allowed by the divine realm, and will come not only with the added benefit of much greater numbers of participating souls adding their intention, it will come with greater intention as well.

In a sense, this is a leveling of the playing field to the extent that Anunnaki, while not in the light and having lost much capability through their own neglect of their spiritual dimension, nonetheless have a tremendous technological advantage, not to mention a nearly 5-billion-year head start in developing their power and reach. To allow the divine human the added participation of humans in light being mode, allows them to capitalize directly on their greater spirituality and the fact they have, for the most part, maintained a link to the divine realm with their hearts and minds. This can help them compensate for the disparity in physical power, so if practitioners ask directly for the assistance of all light beings to have their intention for human betterment come about through partnering with the practitioner in the execution of their Protocol sessions, and have the sum total of all volunteering to participate be added, and then this be pooled among all practitioners and amplified with each repetition, this will compound things nicely and will accelerate the timetable for healing across the board.