DWQA QuestionsCategory: CreatorIn a previous channeling session, you said that we may become creators of our own universe someday. Does this mean that you were in our place in the past and if so, as what creatures were you incarnating?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

In a sense, we are still in that mode as a creator within the universe you know of and experience directly through your created being, but we were not animals. We were not in a position as you are in the physical. We conceived of this as a state of being and have explored it quite extensively through the eons of time and other iterations of the universe as well. So we are truly a God‑level being and this has been our lineage all along. We desire to see that expand in new ways with new undertakings, new iterations that arise from a kind of learning and growth process to explore possibilities that, in turn, cause an expansion within the thinking and the creative set of opportunities that become first envisioned and then sought out and implemented directly through having creative force at one’s disposal.

And this is the gift bestowed to the divine human to be an offshoot, directly, of our energy and our intelligence—to first go through a conditioning phase to become independent, and to learn from that independence the nature of mistakes and successes, the good and the evil as well, the contrast of forces and energies that make up every state of being within everything energetically that is present as an extension of consciousness throughout the universe in all its realms, all its worlds, and all of its groups of organisms as they interact with one another and create consequences of all kinds. To be in a position of power and control as an authority, able to impinge on the level of a world, let alone groups of worlds, and then groups within groups of worlds, and multiple dimensions within a universe of creation, is far beyond your reach in present form. We are envisioning a destiny that begins to approach what we do as creators, but imparted by you as the initiator through your desire to engage and explore. This will happen through the wisdom you gain all the way along and is a growth process.

You are still in the beginning level, and that is only because you have been interfered with, and this was in itself a kind of blessing because the sooner you engage with the potential for this to happen, the sooner you learn its lessons, and there is less at stake than would be so if you were already at a quite advanced state of being and then had this problem loom on your watch, so to speak. And not having had the experience of contending with it and fully understanding its consequences, and the impact on all levels of existence, would have quite a challenge on your hands to deal with it in a way that it would not, in effect, spoil the party all together, and undermine and, in effect, destroy your handiwork.

This is what we are going through as a Creator of worlds you know of, and experience in being a part. It is not a small problem. It is within our ability to handle, but we wish to do it in a way that benefits you in the greatest possible fashion. This is why it on your list of things to do and not ours, directly. This will happen through a partnership, but it is part of your learning, and your challenge to bring this forth. So this is an example of where you are headed, to be experienced with, and fully capable of, dealing with such extremes of contrast that will make you truly flourish as a divine‑level being. And so, this is the greatest of gifts we can give to anything or anyone: the possibility to have divine power and to have independence and free will for exercising it and expressing your own inner being and constitution—the makeup of your individual souls. We wish you well in this undertaking. It is a blessed and sacred trust we place within you, and this is something we do not magnify because this will inevitably be seen as a layer of even greater burden perhaps than the physical contest underway among you and your adversaries. But this is the loving reality of your origin, and this is wonderous indeed, and beyond words in its implications in the glorious future it represents for you.

So we can only point you upward, and you and your question are, in a sense, looking backward and that is understandable because that is your frame of reference at the present moment. But it is because you are in physical form and not your light being origin that you still see this perspective and this differentiation in small terms and not large ones. We are simply pointing out here that the vastness of the potential and your future cannot be encompassed by any question coming from a human being in the physical. That is not a bad thing and is not a judgment nor a criticism. It is an enticement and intended to engage and encourage your delight and curiosity about what is to come. It is a glorious future beyond your comprehension.