DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersFor the benefit of our better understanding, and with all due respect to you as the being with absolute power in the universe, how does Creator avoid corruption, if absolute power corrupts absolutely?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

We are not offended at all by your curiosity, it is your outstanding characteristic and always serves you well, and that is because you have learned the lesson of humility and do not probe with excess ego or self-interest in going where you are not wanted or with an ulterior motive to, in some way, take advantage of the gain in knowledge you acquire to create an imbalance of greater power for yourself over others, and so on. So we accept your pledge, that you are wanting to advance your understanding, and see the wisdom in this as well for many, many others. For one thing, to stay within the spirit of this aphorism, to avoid the possibility of corruption inherent with holding great power, this would put the lie to the common description of Creator, even in the Scriptures, as being a jealous God, quite willing to judge and condemn the transgressor for their sins, and punish severely those who stray from the path of the divine and our proscriptions against wrongdoing we have sent to you from on high. All those descriptions, seen again and again throughout religious writings, are falsehoods and disinformation imposing on us the all too prosaic outcomes of inner corruption seen throughout history in the human culture by many tyrants and leaders of all kinds, who rule with a heavy hand while enjoying many personal privileges, and always cause great suffering for many, all of which is non‑divine and not activities we engage in under any circumstances.

So it is fair and instructive to ask, “How can we avoid corruption if absolute power corrupts absolutely?” The answer is truly quite simple, that the missing ingredient in the description of this aphorism is the attribute of divine alignment. So we would simply amend this saying to read, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely in the absence of divine alignment.” This explains how a being as lofty as Creator can be fair and evenhanded and deal with a wide array of diverse circumstances, and the many beings throughout creation at all levels from simple matter to the living organisms, with varying levels of complexity in their lifestyle and potential. We are not corrupt because everything we do is for the further creation of joy and upliftment. In the same way that a rising tide raises all boats, what we do to uplift ourselves will uplift everything else, potentially, if it is in divine alignment and in resonance with our energy and intentions; and here, of course, we mean specifically divine upliftment, meaning, upliftment that is in divine alignment, that it is characteristically in alignment with the giving and receipt of love in some fashion—that is a fundamental characteristic and attribute that only serves and will never take away anything from anyone if it is in divine alignment, being in proportion, given freely but fairly, and without playing favorites as an unfair penalty to some, and so on.

This is why learning about the divine is such a useful enterprise and can be a lifelong pursuit, and will be, ideally, for anyone because there are always new things to learn that come from growth and expansion. As challenges become increasingly complicated and demanding, there will be new skills required, new ways of thinking, and new strategies needed to help keep things in balance, to foster success, and avoid failure or a setback that will have adverse consequences and could become a karmic penalty by harming others. In the same way the Law of Karma demands this of you, we demand it of ourselves and always see to rebalancing anything we do that creates a misalignment. So this is the greatest example you can emulate to ensure your own success, and your own future growth and development, by following in our footsteps, learning as you go, paying attention, and taking seriously all we teach about the purpose of life, how to go about the art of living, and avoid making missteps by recognizing the pitfalls and sidestepping unnecessary negativity.

What we can tell you is that all you learn will help you do better and carry you further, and that it is more difficult in the beginning, so you can look forward to a glorious future that will continue to offer ever-greater rewards if you keep going and are willing to contribute more. Each individual soul has many choices along the way. Because we do not judge, it is you who will decide what level of attainment you aspire to reach and how you will go about seeing to that. There is no set strategy or sequence of hurdles that will challenge you, no pre-established stepping stones you must learn to bridge and traverse. Each being has an individual path and destiny and, from an enlightened perspective, you will be gaining, your joy will grow along with everyone’s, not only from your individual progress but the collective success of all in the human family and the many other beings throughout the universe you will be learning from, and this, of course, can include us as well.