DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolIn our latest Lightworker Healing Protocol, we request: “Invite all humans currently in the light, all extraterrestrials currently in the light, all the fallen angelic spirits in rehabilitation, all the angels, archangels, and Creator, as well as all animals, elementals, Gaia, the Sun, and solar system, who want the healing of humanity and its perpetrators to add their intentions to ours in carrying out the Protocol and join us in parallel to do repeated healing sessions of their own.” A practitioner suggested we also request “high level” light beings be included. We assumed all high-level light beings would be either human, extraterrestrial, or angelic in lineage. Are we missing something? Are there additional categories of beings we can invite to help?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

These are the categories of beings present in earth plane. There is a special existence of humanity, as you know, there are not varied species. There are angelics that vary in rank and experience but this is a function of learning and growth and not the existence of separate species. There are other beings in the universe, a vast number in fact, but that is not relevant to what happens here, at least directly, so you are not leaving anything out that is important to consider. The contest is one being worked on and worked through by the participants directly and that includes all other beings in the earth plane who have a stake in things whether human, nonhuman, or angelic.