DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsWhen many think of demons, they think of them as seething with anger and hate at all times. Is that true? Or does their anger and hate ebb and flow depending on circumstances? Do demons ever experience a “time out” from these emotions?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

The demonic beings we like to call “spirit meddlers” are completely self-serving and functionally are sociopaths in that regard. The only thing that acts as a brake on their dark passions and designs is a lack of energy; because they are cut off from the light and not receiving support with life force energy, they can only continue to survive by extracting energy from other beings, that is why they attach to people and their dark nature makes them dangerous. They will try to harm their host and encourage bad behavior, knowing it will harm them as well as create a demand for lots of additional energy if they make their host suffer and become desperate, anger-filled, or fearful. They do not think like people and act like people, except to resemble those they are able to commandeer and corrupt to an extent they become severe narcissists or full-blown sociopaths. So they are closest to the human sociopath in how they experience feelings and act on those feelings. They will be often experiencing their existence through an extreme of negative emotion because it is all they have available in their repertoire, so they will exhibit the worst of conduct in seeking to cause widespread harm, inconvenience, and damage to any and all around them, and will derive satisfaction in doing so through their depravity.

In effect, they are anti-human in how they think and operate, except in the case of the human sociopath who shares their corrupted perspectives from being devoid of love and having nothing but ego to work with. This is why these dark spirit attachments are so dangerous, because they corrupt their host and influence them to embrace darker and darker perspectives and choices, and this can be a slippery slope leading to a downward spiral. This is how people become criminals and can even be tipped into madness, as all of the severe mental disorders involving psychosis are a consequence of spirit manipulation to darken the individual and lose their moorings through an inner connection to the higher self and divine love.