DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionIs there such a thing as a truly “self-confident” evil being, or is evil a crisis deriving from a belief in extreme self-vulnerability? Is this why evil beings fear the light? What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

Evil is a consequence of self-depletion, a disconnect from divine wisdom and love, so any being exhibiting evil conduct or thinking will not be utilizing the full array of soul attributes in their functioning but have become a semblance of who they are, and that is more easily distorted and corrupted in ways to cope with the deficit largely at the expense of others. This is why corruption grows over time, it demands care and feeding from others to supply the void, the lack of confidence in the self through divine alignment, and that lack of divine alignment and the absence of wisdom and the ability to love leave little to work with to maintain equanimity, composure, and a high level of functioning by the standards of society. So evil people quickly find themselves at odds with others around them and will feel inadequate as a consequence, and quite challenged because their aims will not be appropriate and so will not be readily accepted but resisted by their compatriots and they will be increasingly disliked and avoided, even shunned.

This further erodes confidence and leads to greater desperation because eventually, with declining security, such individuals will feel threatened and will begin to manipulate the people around them to take things for themselves to increase their material holdings as the best thing they can think of to gain greater satisfaction, and will feel justified through gaining a bit of extra stability in righting a perceived wrong, that someone has something they lack and will feel compelled to take it for their own if they can. At some point it becomes an imperative for survival, to take from others in order to make the self more powerful and seemingly less vulnerable in order to enjoy the security that comes from holding power—such individuals will not see that it is a Pyrrhic victory and that their power cannot last because it is truly more an illusion than a reality and more a holding action than a solution to their dilemma.