DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionWhat is the difference between the self-confidence of Hitler, versus the self-confidence of Gandhi?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

The lifetimes and focus of these individuals illustrate quite nicely the contrast between a self‑possessed, confident individual in alignment with the divine and intuitively able to see and understand wisdom in facing life and a variety of challenges, which was a characteristic hallmark of Gandhi in reacting to the oppression of his people and personal threat and imprisonment, and even being attacked violently at times for his beliefs but holding steadfast to his principles, to be non-violent in response and thereby claiming the higher ground and becoming unassailable in the doing because he put the lie to the power of the state to subjugate representing greatness, when in fact it is a shallow demonstration of self-serving arrogance to achieve power that is actually a karmic deficit because it comes at the expense of the happiness and freedom of others, so is no victory or even a gain, but an illusion and a depredation of their personal standing and a stain on their soul.

The evils of Hitler are a time-honored and quite clear example of the consequences of evil as a motive and a driving force dictating behavior, personal choices, and the consequences that ensue. The lust for power of Hitler was a desire to control and attain and maintain supremacy on a personal level as the one exalted leader of not only a nation but in his blueprint for domination, “ruler of the world.” Only a depraved individual would seek such power that could only be obtained through the killing of millions of innocent men, women, and children, and thereby not only negate the value of its attainment but condemn the self to a huge future karmic reckoning that would require a personal reconstitution of all those individual lives and the pain caused, and most likely with severe losses for the self as the perpetrator in charge. Such doings will result in many, many lifetimes of loss, suffering, and torment to rebalance the magnitude of such evil. This the Law of Karma will see to automatically and there is no escape. This is the folly of such choices and is a high price to pay for simply being disconnected from the flow of love and settling for being a bully, even the world’s biggest and most powerful bully.