DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialWhen we say something is unique, that does not communicate anything about SIMILARITY. Can it be said that we are all different, but not that different, that humans are, in fact, more similar than dissimilar? For instance, we know that even identical twins are not truly identical, but they are quite similar. Can Creator comment on both the uniqueness and simultaneous similarity of humans?
Nicola Staff asked 4 weeks ago
This is a good exercise to deepen understanding of the true meaning of what constitutes the makeup of an individual and all of the cultural and societal pressures coming from expectations that people will measure up, they will adhere to societal norms, that they will make the cut, so to speak. It is understandable that businesses, for example, as well as sports teams want high performers, people who will be willing to work hard, be dedicated, apply themselves with determination to achieve goals, and so on. And here again, there is the implied expectation of reward for being a standout, but these are societal reactions to the reality that people all vary and are all different, so the fact some have more useful talents, abilities, inclinations, and levels of skill and capability within is simply a recognition of reality, that not everyone is equally suited for every potential task. You are not clones built from an identical template, and thus interchangeable, so it is inevitable that those who can perform better will likely rise to the top and be rewarded, all other things being equal. Those who lag behind may feel defeated and inadequate, but again we would point out, that is a mistaken assumption when all that is taking place is that the particular setting for that winner was one for which they were well-suited, and probably better suited than those who were bested and weeded out along the way. That only means those others have other environments and settings where they would shine brighter and be the winners. Part of the art of living is to find your niche, where you fit in, truly, in a way that allows you to be who you are and to thrive and excel because you have the wherewithal—such paths typically seen most notably as high-powered careers, people gaining renown, awarded for their efforts, or gaining fame and fortune. We view the idea of success in a completely different way than human beings. We see everyone who is living up to their potential as a success, not the few who are in the limelight and have name recognition widely in society. We see success as making the most of your soul attribute expression and the planned soul journey for your current incarnation as being a successful outing that accomplishes something meaningful for learning and growth, overcoming obstacles, and healing anything in the past karmic legacy that represents a misalignment or wounding. That, in fact, is the greatest of challenges and the greatest of accomplishments, in our view, given you are in the most challenging and difficult location possible. It will certainly test your mettle again and again and you will need many soul attributes to simply survive, let alone thrive. While the differences among individuals are what truly makes people unique and allows certain things to shine, in some cases, to promote excellence through an enhanced wherewithal or the expression of extraordinary talent, it is important to not overlook what people have in common that makes them similar. After all, that is the true foundation of humanity, as a soul collective, as you are all interconnected and intertwined energetically and karmically as well. You have more things in common than represent inherent differences. This, too, is taken for granted but overlooked in many situations where people are judged harshly, based on a small set of circumstances where things have gone wrong and a person has gotten into trouble, perhaps in serving the wrong inner notions and negative beliefs through corruption and fallen into criminality, for example. While many would be quick to condemn such individuals, and in past history this has been so, we can tell you that everything is healable and no one deserves to be thrown away, it is only a state of ignorance, seeing people as being irredeemable. All have an innate spirituality, all come from our consciousness, and thus are not only highly similar but truly divine in origin, and special, by definition. The fact things can go wrong does not take away from that reality. It is no different than a physical illness that might be life‑limiting, and even so destructive as to render a person nonfunctional, yet even then, such individuals are not tossed in a garbage heap, having outlived their usefulness. There is an inner recognition there is something sacred about them, and that is the ultimate aspect of similarity, in addition to the countless attributes, as part of normal human wherewithal that might be expressed in differing degrees and in differing ways, but are nonetheless linking you all together as belonging to a tribe that exists for a lofty purpose, not an ordinary one.