DWQA QuestionsCategory: Problems in SocietyIt would seem that one of the core operating principles of effective mind control manipulation is to win people’s obedience to a consensus, by simply controlling the content of that consensus. Controlling the content of a consensus can frequently be done with simple, repeated propaganda. And yet, so few people seem to recognize just how easily a consensus can be socially engineered and manipulated. They are certainly made aware this happens, especially when it’s pointed out to them in an obvious way. Yet they continue to resist. How much stress does shutting out this awareness cause, and how damaging can it be?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

We like your question but do object to the characterization that it is stressful to adopt the distorted view because one is fighting their own common sense. In actuality, it is made stressful to not adopt the prejudice being instilled through the mind control manipulation. The cleverness of the approach is that it actually shapes inner beliefs. It is going against one’s inner beliefs that are problematic and stressful when they are made to do something through an inner conflict raised by a manipulation of one part of the mind that is not adopted by another part, so there are conflicting views that have to be sorted out within—that is a stressful dilemma to be sure.

In most cases, those who are prejudiced can blithely act on their prejudice and even say quite outrageous things because they are in alignment with inner beliefs carved in stone and cannot see the folly those beliefs represent. This is a blind spot for everyone because beliefs are the inner programming you operate with and it will all be not only normal‑seeming but acted on without any hesitation or even inner reflection, because it becomes so automatic it is the default mode of being and will seem as natural as breathing. This is why corruption is so damaging and so powerful, it is very hard to go against it and harder still to even detect its presence. The ability to see one has a distortion in thinking can be the first step on the road to recovery, because their mind can go to work on the true underpinnings and begin to do a kind of reckoning with what is out of alignment within themselves and particularly, if they have belief in the divine, can get divine assistance to help raise them up to be better in alignment with divine principles, and that is always the ultimate way to resolve such inadequacies.

This is the plight of the non-believer, that such a remedy is not available to them. At the same time they prize their open mind not being hidebound, slave-like, to religious dogma, they have thrown the baby out with the bathwater in rejecting belief in God when only God can save them ultimately from the human follies that arise again and again, and you are manipulated to embrace relentlessly, by a doggedly determined group of interlopers wanting to control you and drag you down—that is the price paid for freedom from religion.