DWQA QuestionsCategory: Problems in SocietyPlacing one’s full allegiance with a consensus, and making consensus approval their top criterion for conducting their lives means that consensus acceptance can be more important than facts or truth—to the extreme extent of people not believing their own eyes, or ignoring fundamental standards of fairness and decency they learned at age five. Can Creator share the karmic hazards of living this way?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

It is non-divine to hold oneself in great esteem above others for arbitrary reasons. This causes an imbalance in favoring the self because it comes to others’ detriment and is the opposite of equality and fairness. Whenever there is judgment and discrimination in favoring one’s consensus group over others, this is an active form of attack with an intention to label others as “undesirable” and see that they are excluded in some way from consideration, whether this is an active and meaningful ostracism and denial of membership, or simply an attitude of disdain in refusing to recognize their presence and engage with them and allow them to participate in one’s group activities, and so on. The extent to which differences are perceived and become a bone of contention leading to an active rejection will be a measure of the transgression underway in making that assessment to begin with, that others are less worthy than the self simply because they are different—that is the transgression.

There are always differences in levels of achievement, levels of skill, levels of intelligence, levels of talent for various pursuits, and so on. People can look at such differences and choose to dislike others as a consequence and want to ostracize them. The danger in this is that eventually one might find they are in a very small club, indeed, by letting their hatred grow to such a degree there is almost no one left worthy of their presence. After all, each human being is in actuality unique, so it is impossible for them to match another, not only exactly, but even in a general way; there will be many points of difference and variation of kind and degree, with likes and dislikes, and capabilities, talents, and characteristics of their personal makeup. If you look at what galls people and gets them going to rally against a group of individuals they see as different in a negative way, it will almost always be a narrow focus on something and will ignore the vast array of human qualities and characteristics that are still universally present in everyone.

People are more alike than different. When they let the differences become a cause of wanting to be separate, it is often because of evil influence to ramp up inner feelings, and those emotions, when taken to heart, cloud the judgment and may be a motivation for a harsh treatment of others that is completely unjustified because it is based on a knee-jerk reaction to a quite simplistic characterization, like the level of skin pigmentation, the gender orientation, what political party they belong to, what neighborhood they live in, their station in life, what they do for a living, and so on. If you apply that test to yourself and ask to what extent the answers, as applied to you, truly represent your worth as a human being, you will quickly see the folly of putting labels on people and seeking to gather like-minded people into tribes with the intention to weed out those who differ.

This is a very destructive and self-destructive exercise; that is why it is being promoted relentlessly by the interlopers to make people think this way and to spend a considerable amount of time agonizing over where they fit in and seeing to their own image, and to even be quite hypocritical through acts done as virtue signaling to keep them from being identified among the losers, even when they are not so different in many respects from the group they want to exclude and look down on. There is a suspension of logic and reason necessary to mount a successful propaganda campaign. This is the insidious aspect of their going into the deep subconscious mind and manipulating people below their conscious awareness. There is no defense for that other than to be in divine alignment and ask regularly for divine protection. Few have enough belief in the divine to get divine support, especially not of the high degree of vigilance and active intervention required to keep someone safe in a world where they are bombarded relentlessly by such propaganda every time they look at a screen because of the flow of subliminal programming, so there is much working against you in trying to right these wrongs.