DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaJames Bond is famous for having a “license to kill,” as if having a license somehow made killing seem okay, and even laudable. It is even rumored that some real-life spy agencies actually require cadets to terminate a target in the field before being admitted to their ranks. Can Creator share what the real-life consequences for the real-life James Bonds are, and the price paid by the soul for this kind of occupation?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

Here we get into the nitty-gritty of what it means to live a life in service to dark purposes, even done for one’s own country and the survival of many fellow citizens. We have rather strict standards when it comes to the taking of life and would tell you it is always wrong, but there are mitigating circumstances and in some cases, trading one life for another can serve a higher purpose, and while wrong is the lesser of evils. Such things are dealt with through the fine-tuning of the Law of Karma which reckons all things in terms of their energetic makeup and consequences and will see that the books are balanced, so to speak, no matter what. So in a sense, being a secret agent with a so-called “license to kill” is making a pact with the Devil because using that license will incur a karmic penalty no matter what, and the fact it is a deliberate choice makes it a more severe moral lapse than if one were forced into a self-defense situation where one’s home is invaded or one is caught up in a war not of their choosing and has a choice to make about ending the life of an invading marauder, to save their life, to save the lives of their loved ones, or allowing them to hold sway.

So we would say there are many fine points and nuances in deciding how the relative merits of actions can be viewed and sorted out in a kind of hierarchy to assign responsibility. Things are not so simple many, many times but can be exceedingly complicated and demanding in the discernment needed to find one’s path in very difficult and conflicting circumstances. But someone who chooses a life of intrigue that is, in effect, a cosmetic label put on an intention to deceive and take advantage of others to gain something for the self and one’s compatriots, which could be quite costly for them and even lethal, is pushing the boundary quite hard in terms of the ethics and will likely cause trouble for that individual in what they will have to pay later on, if only in another lifetime.