DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerNow we contrast the previous question and ask about the divine level protection available to an individual who prays for personal protection daily, is in overall divine alignment, and has a 100% belief quotient in the divine and its ability and willingness to protect them. Will the divine intervene to prevent even minor mishaps, such as kitchen accidents, ankle twists, or even throwing their back out turning over in bed at night? How about internal issues like indigestion, acid reflux, intestinal issues, and even hemorrhoids? An individual we know reports being almost entirely pain-free even as he approaches 60 years of age. How much do his prayer work and divine alignment account for his freedom from the ravages of daily pain and discomfort so many at his age live with chronically?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

It is very often the case that those who are doing well with respect to physical wellbeing and successful lives in other respects from enjoying healthy, happy, relationships, having loved ones, and financial stability and sources of abundance, are the recipient of much prior work on their part to atone for any wrongdoing or lack from their own maladjustment and shortcomings in many prior lives and have regained the high ground to be in good alignment, becoming the recipient of much divine support and divine grace at times, to smooth any rough edges. This will enable them to keep going with a minimum of muss and fuss and even small annoyances and inconveniences of minor accidents and injuries as well as health complications.

The mainstream is woefully unaware that 94% of physical illnesses are karmic in nature. When one has a physical malady, it is because they have a karmic malady of some kind to contend with and are not doing so. Karma will take this out on the body as a means of obtaining restitution, or to serve out a consequence if someone who was unable to see to their health in other lives has yet again become undermined with respect to their health, and so will suffer unless they find a way to heal and end this cycle. So it is very much the case that those who have problems are receiving a kind of wake-up call, a kind of warning there is something underway working against them, and the best answer is to see to what is needed as best one can. The very best one can do is turn to prayer and ask for divine assistance, and this can include a request to gain insight and guidance and inner inspiration to help understand what specifically will help and what kinds of things they might do to hasten the resolution of the imbalance being addressed, and that can go a long ways towards seeing this gets handled in a way that will work and restore a healthy equilibrium in that person’s life. It can be a good deal more complicated than we make it sound; on average, that is the case; far too many people have such a huge karmic backlog they will be plagued by no end of things that come their way and will be hit again and again and again with diagnosable chronic conditions that seem to pile on top of one another.

This is all too common and the reason it becomes such a huge problem is that people, as well as the experts they turn to in the mainstream scientific community, including medical practitioners, are blithely unaware of the spiritual dimension and are helpless in addressing the real cause of people’s maladies directly, but only supply supporting measures largely for symptomatic relief, but are not curative. That will only change with the embracing of the wisdom of our teachings, that it is karma that needs to be addressed when one is suffering, first and foremost. Every source of negativity within, or from outside an individual, will eventually create a karmic dilemma and consequence, and so must be taken seriously because the consequences, we can assure you, will become serious, if not in the current life, when added to future problems and issues that are similarly neglected, which can create a perfect storm of negativity calling forth a dire consequence that might even be life-threatening. This need not happen if people can attend to their own soul needs and the restitution of their karmic dilemmas. This can be done with divine help and is the greatest pursuit you can support with your time and energy.