DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialOne conundrum is that eternity itself is never static. Many believe that everything that will ever exist already exists. But is it truer to say that all of eternity is itself “reborn anew” with fresh ideas that alter ALL of eternity—past, present, and future? So the saying, “There is nothing new under the sun,” is in fact not true at all, or is it? What can Creator share on this conundrum?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This saying, like many in your lexicon, are a product of local conditions and cultural experience. There is an overall structure to the universe and its workings in which many constructs reappear in a new guise of some kind but have a fundamental mathematical corollary that determines the way it is expressed and experienced in the workings of consciousness. So there are themes that appear again and again, there are variations on many, many themes, and if one looks for the patterns will see them. In a sense, this is a repetition and a sameness, but variety can be of many shades and degrees and is always a novelty in those fine details, if not large, and a delight to the eye and mind in appreciating what they represent as endless creativity in action.

But the reality of the physical human existence on the Earth is a prolonged period of deprivation and stagnation courtesy of the interlopers who are manipulating your world and subjugating your society. They have made slaves of you to obey their whims and carry this out, indirectly but effectively, using corrupted humans to carry out their orders and act as overseers. So the world is much like a giant penal colony with the nations representing various cellblocks, and the guards and trustees who might have relative freedom of movement and relative autonomy and a level of authority in their jurisdictions are there only because they are maneuvered to be there and are truly serving their masters who run the prison, even as they feel they are satisfying themselves, but that is only because they do not see the bars and the prison walls. Those are created within the deep subconscious of human beings as self-limiting beliefs instilled by the interlopers to limit human choices, so people will be constraining themselves and one another to have a narrow existence and adopt a routine and maintain it by being complacent. And then, the requirements of life to make a living become the major preoccupation, and that consumes the time and energy of most individuals, keeps them busy and out of mischief because they will be too tired to think for themselves and unable to envision a wider scope and better existence and why it is denied them by the way the world is run. That humdrum routine and even the drama of recurring crises is an endless cycle of repetition that happens again and again and again, where the variety is simply a shift of the drama from one location to another. So there will be times of relative calm and peace punctuated by the outbreak of civil strife and wars between nation-states, empires that rise and fall. So this creates variety for the individual humans caught up in the drama, but from the perspective of history will be entirely ordinary and expected even, because it can be predicted that there will be future recurring cycles of the same kinds of issues and consequences being “nothing new under the sun.”

The universe beyond the earth plane holds much greater bounty and variety and possibilities, and when that widens to allow greater free agency and free will, the possibilities will not only be endless but a tremendous magnification of even what is allowable at present. That is all yet to come; it is as though there are green shoots with buds that have yet to open. You have not yet seen the glories inherent in the possibilities of existence that are being constrained solely because of the problem of evil in needing a solution that will stand for all of time. So the greater freedom that created the possibility of evil to gain power and become a large-scale threat, will have a ready answer and certain containment through solutions tried and true that have been shown to work and can be utilized again and again as a consequence of hard-won human experience and achievement. This is the destiny you are creating that will enable a breakthrough and a breakout from the sameness of the past.