DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divinely Inspired MessengersPerhaps a helpful means of knowing the importance of a mission life, like Jesus Christ’s, is learning about what the state of humanity would be if Christ had not taken up his mission life to begin with. What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago
To many around the world, Christ deserves only faint praise at this point for seeming to have had momentum in influencing things but, seeing that is on the wane, have concluded it is more like a passing fad and, even if real, was essentially a failed mission to win over the world and conquer evil. We beg to differ, because we see a bigger picture than you or anyone, and we can tell you, with confidence and conviction, that if Jesus Christ had not taken on that mission life, the world would have gone down and humanity would be no more. At this point, even two millennia on, you would be still up in the light, licking your wounds, with no world to come back to and a complete interruption of Creator's Plan for solving the problem of evil in the Milky Way Galaxy, and the many worlds under duress would continue to be plundered for millennia still, with nothing to stop it. Whereas, on the contrary, despite the waxing and waning of religious interest and fervor in the masses, the many lightworkers are here buoyed on the wings of Jesus Christ and other lightworkers through the ages who have kept hope alive and focused on the cause of the divine as the most worthwhile of endeavors one can undertake, and then here you are, and your followers of GetWisdom, in the trenches and preparing to lead the way to victory if you do not slack off or other unforeseen circumstances undermine you enough to cause failure. While this has happened many, many times, there has always been a resurgence and the life of sacrifice made by Jesus Christ, in being such an outstanding living demonstration of divinity, has reassured and inspired legions of fellow humans through the ages to keep going and not surrender to the darkness. This is a life worth living and was lived well. The dark outcome was predictable and, in fact, was foreseen by Jesus Christ himself. The point of his mission was not to come and be a sacrificial lamb but to come in spite of that and show what can happen when people are in divine alignment—that is when the miracles come forth. He was showing the way to those following him and the many who followed in subsequent generations. That light has never been extinguished, and never will be, because that, in part, is the light you all are shining today. You are all interconnected, working for the same principles, the same sense of duty, and the desire for saving the misguided, the lost, and even the evil ones from the consequences of their poor choices. That is divinity on the march, and why you, yourselves, are divine, but few know this.