DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaSamuel Coleridge Taylor said: “The present system of taking oaths is horrible. It is awfully absurd to make a man invoke God’s wrath upon himself, if he speaks false; it is, in my judgment, a sin to do so.” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is an insightful comment because it recognizes the perversity of demanding adherence to an all too human standard, and doing so at the threat of divine sanction for a misstep or a failure to follow the demands of the oath to the letter. He was recognizing that human endeavors are all too often a compromise with respect to divine standards and, in any event, should be entered into willingly with eyes open and chosen freely to have any real meaning, and not done with any kind of coercion. To require the taking of an oath for which a person might find one day they are being asked falsely to engage in improper conduct in order to fulfill their oath, but yet have been threatened with divine wrath and punishment for failing to honor their oath without question, is certainly put in a double bind. And this is an unfair perversion of your birthright to have divine support, to turn around and presume to use God as a punishment when someone does something not to your liking, in breaking a promise inherent with an oath they take that has led to a tragic moral dilemma, all too often from the perversity of the human condition and the corruption that creeps in to distort thinking and lower standards.

Here again, we have the general problem of how to ensure people’s loyalty and adherence to a standard and code of conduct, and an overall consistency and continuity of performance in service to an oath when people are inherently flawed and incomplete, as well as all too often an inner awareness that people are being asked to serve an idea that itself is inherently faulty in some respect and will likely be corrupted in ways that will draw a person into unpleasant circumstances, at a minimum, and perhaps ethical and moral lapses that will have significant karmic penalties if they obey their oath and go where their duty calls, and carry out the role expected of them to serve their organization, their community, or their country no matter what.

At the extreme, invoking God to do human business and be an enforcer is a slippery slope of the greatest possible magnitude, and has reached the highest level of perversity in supporting “holy wars” done in the name of God, whether against so-called infidels or members of a differing religion that is deemed “non-holy” solely because it differs from one’s own without truly knowing our views on the matter. All such actions are a perversion that is engineered to manipulate and ensnare you to use your own beliefs against you, to cheapen your lives and compromise you, and force you to surrender your ideals and standards to a distortion of thinking that serves the interlopers and none of the human beings engaged in such a conflict, for there will be no winners but only losers when war is carried out in God’s name or in the name of Allah.