DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaWhat is Creator’s perspective on the American “Pledge of Allegiance?”
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

As we have discussed with you before, pledges to a nation-state can be a mixed blessing. So we see the “Pledge of Allegiance” as an open-ended starting point more so than an ironclad standard that fits all situations and binds all to an irrevocable promise that must be honored under all circumstances that might arise. Even the most sacred vows are, in effect, conditional because they are a well-intentioned promise but there can be circumstances that lead to a higher wisdom, that withdrawing the promise is contributing in some way to a higher good after all, because of a change in circumstances beyond a person’s control or unknown to the individual at the time the sacred oath was taken.

This does not mean that all oaths can be cast aside and ignored whenever they might become an inconvenience or demand too much of a person than they are willing to contribute. A sacred oath is a sacred promise after all, and, in effect, is putting one’s soul on the line and needs to be taken seriously and honored respectfully, and restitution made for any breach of promise that might happen as a consequence of an overwhelming adversity for which a person is unprepared and unable to honor their commitment because of personal inadequacy or a lapse in judgment. After all, being human, you are not perfect, things will happen. The important consideration is to not settle for less but work to regain the high ground once again and make up for a transgression, if it has occurred, in the best way one can—that will often mitigate the damage and erase a potential karmic penalty that would otherwise follow.

While one tends to have a bias favoring their own tribe, their own clan, their own country, and feel pride in belonging among its citizens, it is not morally acceptable to become a slave to national interest if the leadership is promoting something evil that will be an ethical breach or a moral compromise of some kind, and thereby put all of the citizenry in harm’s way karmically if not in a practical physical sense. There are many wealthy nations with strong military capability who can run roughshod over other countries to get what they want, and there are often mixed agendas so things are done using military might under the name of peacekeeping, restoring order, supporting a favored faction within a country that is to one’s liking because it resembles one’s own nation in some respect in the political leanings, in the course of which people might die and mistakes occur with civilian casualties, not to mention economic devastation with the bombing of key infrastructure necessary to maintain a quality of life and even long-term survival. It is a sad reality that many “Pledges of Allegiance” are, in effect, a manipulation engineering a compromise of the soul.

We are not telling you to abandon loyalty and service to the country, we are simply explaining that such pledges are a tool of government to manipulate its citizens more so than a lofty notion and exercise to ensure a greater state of divine alignment. They are in service to a different set of standards and are often subverted in supporting political ambitions, and many things manipulated to happen by interlopers falsely persuading people to honor their civic duty to serve at a time of war, or pay higher taxes to maintain projects that interfere with the lives of people in other countries because it is perceived to serve one’s homeland to do so. Such compromises with ethics and morality will always harm the individual regardless of the oaths they might take. Taking an oath does not spare you from moral obligation to be in divine alignment.