DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaThe Lightworker Healing Protocol expressly lists “oaths” as a spiritual reality requiring healing intervention. Can Creator summarize why this is so, and how Empowered Prayer and The Lightworker Healing Protocol are the most effective means to reverse the damage to the soul they can do?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

As we have told you before, the purpose of oaths is to bring people together in common cause, for a common effort leading to a goal of some kind, whether a known and defined improvement or even to just maintain the status quo, such as preserving the peace. Given the many distortions in human thinking and human culture, it is inevitable that oaths taken in service to institutions, or even interpersonal agreements backed by such a ceremony, might be done in good faith but in ignorance as well, and oftentimes are missing a complete understanding of all that is at stake and the many complications that might arise, putting a person at a disadvantage in making such a strong commitment at the outset, and often without truly having experienced all that might come along to question the appropriateness of that action in hindsight.

There are many well-meaning vows, oaths, agreements, pledges that become a kind of trap and a kind of prison in some circumstances. This is frequently seen following vows of marriage where loyalty and service to another is pledged as a solemn vow, but all too often when in a state of immaturity, and even a fair amount of ignorance about the true character of the intended spouse and all that might happen as life continues to unfold with its normal ups and downs, and challenges that will perhaps reveal regrettable flaws and points of conflict that might arise and grow over time with such intensity to make continued living together unworkable.

To have marital vows carved in stone for all of time, because they are a sacred pledge as witnessed by God, for example, in a religious observance, puts people at quite a disadvantage in a practical sense and compounds the damage to make it a soul level transgression in the eyes of the Almighty if those vows are taken at their word. This creates a kind of prison for the couple and if they prove to be incompatible, staying together in a prison setting serves no one. Even when done as lip service to maintain the parenting of children born along the way, may be a mistake that compounds the damage if the children end up being harmed gravely in being subjected to severe marital discord as eyewitnesses and are scarred for life as a consequence. It would be far better to have a divorce arranged as an example of adults working out difficulties in a measured, thoughtful, deliberate fashion with at least a modicum of mutual respect as human beings, with an intention to not add further pain to the undertaking than is needed as motivation to escape, and in particular, to avoid damage to the innocent bystanders, being the children, who will have to find some way to adjust.

So we see even deeply sacred vows as having a potential for needing to be recalled, and that is the key, such things are not meant to be carved in stone but rather can be reworked, renegotiated, and even withdrawn if conditions change in a way to make the service to the vow or oath unworkable, and will result in damage rather than serving a noble or lofty purpose. As humans are imperfect, their thinking and their decisions and their actions and their institutions will be imperfect, and this includes the associated agreements, contracts, vows, and oaths that might be proffered to formalize the agreement and serve as an incentive and representation of the serious undertaking involved and all of its implications so one does not enter into something like marriage lightly.

Sometimes people make oaths and pledges for the wrong reasons and even for unholy agendas, particularly when in a state of corrupted thinking and in an environment that has been corrupted and becomes seriously non-divine. This has happened many times through history and all have lifetimes when they have made such agreements under adverse conditions and imperfect circumstances, and these agreements were never rescinded but might live on energetically and as a karmic burden. This includes marital vows pledged for all of time. This is a bad idea because people typically make life plans to have all sorts of differing partners as learning opportunities and for tactical reasons, to accomplish particular life goals where they might need a very supportive and nurturing and understanding spouse who will give them lots of room to take on a high powered endeavor of some kind in service to humanity, for example, as opposed to being devoted to one’s family and to have a life having many children and meeting those obligations and responsibilities fully as an enriching opportunity as well as a soul-expanding and character developing one.

So there are often leftover promises and oaths and agreements of many kinds hanging over a person and representing a liability. Even during the current life when one has made transgressions against their vows or an oath that has been given, there will be karmic woundings and woundings to the soul. The person themselves might not be aware of all of the consequences that have ensued and are currently rumbling and causing inner discord. Sometimes things can be healed through divine grace as a benefit of application of the Lightworker Healing Protocol by a practitioner, who will be requesting that such things be given divine assistance to restore a person as fully as possible, to get them out from under ill-considered entanglements that have long ago outlived their usefulness but become a hindrance. This is what divine grace is for, to help support you when your human reach falls short, and it is a beautiful example of the workings of divine love that can be summoned to solve a dilemma of human existence, whatever that might be, even one’s own failed promises.

There are many reasons people may be unable to follow through and honor an oath or other agreement. It is not always possible to predict the things that might come up to challenge a person who may find they are not as resilient, imperturbable, steadfast, and willing to give of themselves or take risks that are inherent with the level of responsibility they have taken on and now have regrets. People may need help of others to coach them or be their advocate, to have something worked out through the divine realm on their behalf, to save them from themselves. Even if this cannot be done totally by an outside observer as their advocate, there will be some gains that can be made that will help to support a person on a better path towards reaching a level of awareness and inner strength where they can do better themselves and build on the gains made through the healing work so they are better equipped for life, and more likely to eventually become more successful in reaching a level of competence and consistent performance at the level of expectation commensurate with their own promises and obligations—that can be a tremendous benefit and much more than simply paying lip service to an idea.

Karma alone is one of the greatest adverse influences on people and often a consequence of their own poor choices. Successful healing requires much more than patching them up to send them back into battle, so to speak, but in many, many cases, a serious reworking at all levels of their being, including their beliefs that have become corrupted and the many karmic influences from other lifetimes in the form of unmet obligations, liabilities, and debts they owe to others for misfortune they have brought about themselves through faulty thinking and choices that ended up hurting the people around them, as well as harm done to the self, which is often the major liability people have as a burden. Such things are very difficult to overcome on one’s own; it is not only that you are too close to the problem but you are blind to how deep it goes in not being able to see the major part of your mind and its workings in all it surveys in the many lifetimes of difficulty, grief, tragedy, and failure you have been involved in. These are the ordinary workings of the Lightworker Healing Protocol to address, and why it is the answer for saving and healing humanity, but only if you avail yourself of the opportunity and reach out to obtain the services of a practitioner or learn to use it yourself to gain the benefits.