DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerSomeone we know recounted: “I was going up a two-lane country road at 55 mph and a line of vehicles including a large tractor-trailer truck was coming from the opposite direction. Just as the truck was passing me, a black mini SUV following close behind him crossed the median in order to see if he could pass. He apparently had no idea I was so close and we missed sideswiping each other by about an inch. I kid you not, probably as little as an inch. My vehicle was severely buffeted by the air disturbance of passing so close at such a speed. Both of us going 55 or over, so a combined speed of well over 110 mph. I am perfectly okay. But I am curious if this was the darkness trying to take me out? And was there Divine Intervention that saved the day?” What can Creator tell us about this incident?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

Both of these influences were in play with this incident but not quite in the dire way envisioned. There was darkness involved but it was not directed at the questioner, it was directed at the other driver, who had spirit meddler attachments. They were simply playing a game with him to put him in danger. This is a kind of sport for them, to see how they can push the envelope. At a minimum, they will cause emotional distress within their host and this will bring automatically a surge of new energy in calling upon the light for help automatically by the demand from the body alone, even in someone who is not spiritual and therefore not mounting a cry for help or a more formal prayer outreach. The number one way people are supported is in the divine supplying life force energy, and this will be gated by the higher self to be in proportion to the ongoing energy demands in the flow and flux of the day, and of course demand will go up tremendously at times of great stress, and it is the job of the higher self to see to this automatically as it always has a finger on the pulse, so to speak, as well as knowing your thoughts.

So in the case of the other driver, he was simply being pushed to an extreme of fear by a reckless prompting that simply was felt as an inner impulse of that driver to become impatient and then pull out into the oncoming lane to see if he could pass the truck, and to do so at just the worst time to be in harm’s way, as it happened. Once underway, this rash act imperiling both was countered by divine intervention to create a kind of energy barrier to keep the vehicles from hitting one another, sort of like a force field of repulsion to make the cars bounce off, much as bringing together the like poles of two magnets will repel one another and it will be difficult to make them touch. So this avoided the possibility of damage to either vehicle, not even a scrape on the paint, and was therefore a welcome blessing compared to what could have turned quite easily into a tragedy for many people when there is a fatal accident affecting the lives of loved ones.

So this rescue was primarily mounted from the questioner’s end of things and his energy from being in divine alignment rather than the other driver. The latter’s karma was more in alignment with undergoing a severe accident, and even one that could be fatal, as opposed to having a strong counterforce energy ongoing on the questioner’s behalf to mount protection from harm, as is the case for the questioner with his prayer work and overall divine alignment. So the questioner can give himself credit from having established a good spiritual foundation for his own welfare. In this case, it proved a blessing to a number of others as well, but that is as it should be. After all, everything is interconnected within the human family.