DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerWas Field Marshal Michel Ney who fought during the Battle of Waterloo, killed by a French firing squad, or did he escape to America and live out his years as Peter Ney? If so, was that a result of divine protection?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

Surprisingly to many hearing this, he did escape successfully and so a cover story was created to satisfy the powers that be, that he had been dealt with as desired by those in political control. While in actuality, he escaped unscathed from a false condemnation by political interests and was able to live in peace thereafter. This again was due to being in divine alignment. It was not because he was a party to war that he was supported, it was that his intentions were for the greater good and he was drawn into this battle because he was a leader in an important position and risked that happening in order to bring important divine wisdom to those individuals involved in military affairs. There are many brave souls who put themselves in harm’s way in this fashion and may end up being drawn into life and death situations that might compromise them karmically, as in being forced to take the life of another to preserve their own. That is still a transgression but to do so in service to a higher good is a mitigating factor, and that is the reason for his escaping death so many times—he was on a mission with a higher purpose and that is why his life was preserved.