DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceThe “division of labor” throughout the universe is truly one of the more “miraculous” mysteries. The beehive has “just enough” drones, workers, queens, etc. There is some speculation that even at the human soul level there is some demarcation that predisposes individuals to particular pursuits, engagements, and expression. There seems to be quite a difference between the “artistic type” versus the “scholarly type” versus the “warrior type” versus the “doting grandmother/nurturing” type. Are some of these differences truly an attribute of “soul casting” and essentially a permanent proclivity (at one level or another)? It seems for a world to “function” properly, there would be more need for “nurturers” than “priests.” More need for labor than management. More need for skilled artisans than sublime poets or musicians. Is there an organizing principle and planned “division of labor” inherent in the creation of the divine human?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

Human souls are vast in their makeup, multifaceted, and quite comprehensive with respect to the attributes needed for existence as an expression of divine consciousness. That said, there are individual differences as well. No two souls are identical and there is a plan and a diversity of distribution in the makeup of the many souls that have been created and this, in a general way, presents opportunities for excellence in particular areas compared to other soul-based beings. Each person will have their strengths and weaknesses in the sense of exhibiting a less robust capability in one arena. That, we would say, is not a weakness but a soul attribute to have a lesser degree of depth and breadth of awareness and inherent capability for expression but there will be other things at which the individual shines and can be a tremendous asset to the human family, and it very much presupposes a certain overall balance in things based on the projection of what will make the greatest sense.

With beings living and working together, there are considerations for all of the common foibles one might see in society of physical humans as it is representative of similar situations that can arise in other settings, so certain basic principles apply universally. One can have too many cooks and spoil the broth, so to speak, so there is wisdom in having a certain percentage of people with a strong leadership potential, but to not make this universal, because it could lead to too much competitiveness and then be a source of tension that could undermine cooperative effort. So there is wisdom applied in the distribution of talents and interests to have variety but also a reasonable balancing of the various skillsets and desires, to provide not only variety but an interesting stratum of resources. So, there will be a critical mass of talent of all kinds but not an excess that could imbalance the human enterprise in some way nor a deficit in a critical area of need, but a reasonable complement of the many diverse characteristics that go into not only individual makeup but all kinds of cooperative endeavors where there is a need for leadership, and for skills of all kinds.

Those with attention to detail, great inner drive and persistence, those with dogged determination and stamina, those with an eye to high quality and perfection, and so on, all can contribute their perspectives and add something to the whole. Overall, this can work quite beautifully and you see this in action in the human communities currently. The problem is there is a corruption of humanity by the dark spirit involvement as well as the subjugation and manipulation by the Extraterrestrial Alliance distorting things greatly, so you are not able to see examples of the way this overall balance in the planning can manifest a society of happy citizens who are thriving and excelling in many areas because they get along, they bring out the best in one another, and defer to one another where appropriate, so the tasks fall to the capable but all is seen to with no areas of neglect, so the society as a whole will be humming along and working well at all levels. This is what happens when humans are truly in charge and left to their own devices, and will be increasingly so when humanity finally ascends to a higher plane of existence.