DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolWill the following wording added to the Soul Matrix Healing step of the Lightworker Healing Protocol be adequate and effective to correct nutritional problems with dietary intake: “…remove all sources of negativity from food and beverages, fill in the energetic equivalent of what is missing from the diet and remove anything in excess, to create an ideal nutritional balance on a daily basis;…?”
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

This leaves out the desired end result of the balance but that is implied and certainly well understood by the light and in the context, in particular, of this comprehensive Healing Protocol, the purpose need not be explained in greater detail. You are always striving for maximum benefit and maximum healing and recovery and return to a state of completion and well-being all along the way with the Protocol work. That will certainly be the case here and more, because this is invoking an ongoing program of great attention and focus on the person and their doings with respect to what they ingest. To have a vigilance and oversight of a major aspect of a person’s life, creates many opportunities to do additional healing and, in particular, to cover the nutritional arena in this way with a series of simple, but broad in their meaning, requests for excellence, health, and balance in what happens with the ingestion of food and beverages across the board creates a mandate for the divine realm to weigh in at every turn and make adjustments on behalf of the client.

You are creating quite a burden here, in one sense, that each client you work on, and this extends to the entirety of the human enterprise and its interlopers, must be monitored all day long to scrutinize everything they will be ingesting and to make adjustments on the fly, so to speak, for the presence of anything negative, the nutritional shortcomings that might be represented as well as excesses that are best minimized or excluded, and for this to happen on a continual basis through all of the parallel lifetimes will depend on the angelics on the scene quite heavily. They will be up to the task to see to this and so this will have many benefits and will doubtless contribute, in most instances, to greater longevity for the client as a result of the optimization requested.