DWQA QuestionsCategory: MetaphysicsToday’s questions for Creator are taken from or inspired by Dr. Viktor Frankl’s comprehensive book The Doctor and the Soul. Dr. Frankl was already a world renowned psychiatrist when he and his family were captured and sent to the German concentration camps. He was the only member of his family to survive the ordeal. When Dr. Frankl first entered the camp, he had with him an unpublished manuscript of The Doctor and the Soul. He was horrified as the Nazi guards took the only remaining copy of his life’s work, and quickly destroyed it, utterly ignoring his desperate protests. In a very real sense, Frankl himself became the crucible of the destroyed manuscript’s contents, forced by circumstances to become the principal test subject of his own insights and theories through his own horrific experiences. How much of this was due to karmic factors, versus a backlash from the interlopers for his successful career and contributions to the mental health field?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

Interestingly enough, there was personal animus in Dr. Frankl’s case. He was a thinker, he was an accomplished scholar and observer of the scene, and in divine alignment; meaning, he was a thumb in the eye of the interlopers as they see all such humans who aspire to accomplishments as a kind of affront because they are wanting to disparage humanity and drag it down to ever lower levels, bringing increased discomfort and suffering. So anyone trying to help others is working against them.

Because so many of the Jewish people are intelligent and learned, as it is a cultural attribute to value learning and teaching and advancing the state of human knowledge, it is no accident there was an appeal to what is essentially racism in the anti-Semitic screed of the Nazis. In the roundup of the Jews as a part of the Holocaust, you can be sure there were special circumstances and an oversight applied to be sure to ensnare as many of the advanced thinkers among that group as possible, and Frankl was among them. The karma, on his personal side of things, that might have made him more prone to have a life as a victim was more the opposite, he was a doer, he was a contributor, a thinker, and a spokesperson in multiple lifetimes; that is why his talents shined, including his writing ability and the ability to think deeply as a philosopher and a spiritual being in ways that captured the hearts as well as the minds of his readers. This was no accident or random act of evolution, that such a person would pop up in the midst of the Holocaust, sprouting within a lifetime to a high level of attainment in knowledge, wisdom, and talent to communicate. Those were attributes gained from prior lifetimes in service to the light and were preselected to be on board his incarnation as Frankl and be on the frontlines, as it were, in the contest between good and evil that is still playing out on your planet.