DWQA QuestionsCategory: Coronavirus COVID-19The Lightworker Healing Protocol has been extremely effective in removing dark spirit attachments. Few people nowadays worry about “contracting a spirit attachment” (though that may have been common in the past), but most worry about contracting this virus. Can the COVID-19 virus be removed from an individual just as easily?
Nicola Staff asked 11 months ago

This is very much the case. This virus is an interloper. It was created by interlopers and deployed deliberately to cause harm and, as such, this is the antithesis of the spreading of love which is Creator’s Plan for all beings in the universe. Removing the virus directly is the best and easiest way the divine realm can be of help, but people need to be requesting this. It is the responsibility of humans themselves to run their world. If they have trouble, they can reach out to the divine but must do so with explicit requests. They cannot simply rely on the divine realm to see what is wrong and fix it for them. That is the meaning of being in a free will paradigm where people have free agency to chart their own course, but will live and die by the decisions they make and how well they do. That is the purpose after all, to present challenges for learning and growth, and while they may at times represent a life or death situation to resolve, the strong incentive to surmount such challenges accelerates growth and learning in proportion to the severity of the situation.

You are here to learn about all such things, all the many permutations and variations on the theme of good and evil. You were created to solve the problem of evil once and for all. First, to confront its greatest manifestations which are affecting you personally in your world today, and having overcome that challenge, move up to positions of higher reach and authority serving as roving ambassadors throughout the universe to bring your wisdom and the hard-won lessons in dealing with a potential fall from grace, as happened to create the current world conditions you face with evil interlopers in your world. As difficult and ugly at times as human life can be, it is a testing ground, and a proving ground, and will provide the foundation you need to earn your graduation to bigger and better things that will be much more a source of delight and glories of all kinds. You will likely never again have such difficult and troubling dilemmas to deal with on a personal level. This is why you have chosen to come, because it is the biggest challenge there is and will, by virtue of its consequences, bring the biggest of rewards when you are successful. That is certainly a reason to keep going and apply yourselves to winning the fight.