DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaThe March, 2023 blizzard in San Bernardino County, CA which delivered up to 10 feet of snow has trapped many people for weeks. Was that storm orchestrated to happen?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This is very much the case. You see this reflected in the review of historical records, that it is not as though blizzards happen, even at long intervals, but storms of this magnitude are truly rare for that area even though snow will take place. We have said before that blizzards are not natural in the same way hurricanes are not natural, even though there can be so-called “cyclones” of mass air movement, creating a kind of vortex of energy. Snowfall is a prosaic and definable physical property of differing air temperatures in the presence of a high moisture content causing precipitation. It is the mass of air, the speed of movement, the degree of moisture present, and how long the initiation of the precipitation continues that will govern the amount of snowfall. But when this is truly massive and crippling, that is the tell. It is outsized, it is larger than life, more than what nature would do under normal circumstances, and that is a hallmark of extraterrestrial manipulation, to take something that has unpleasant and potentially dangerous properties and ramp it up energetically to a much greater level of intensity so it wreaks havoc and causes severe injury, personally and economically. And that is the case here, it was a simple mean-spirited gesture from beings of evil, thinking of this as an amusement and entertainment for them, to engineer and watch it unfold, and savor the struggling and suffering of the victims as a kind of perverse pleasure.