DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlThe Pleiadians seemed to CONFIRM what Dana Ashlie’s film suggested, that the next four to five months, and especially election day itself, as well as the “scheduled” inauguration day at the end of January, will be HIGHLY volatile. To the point that if the inauguration occurs at all, it won’t be anything remotely approaching “normal.” Do the current energies project dire events or are the fears unwarranted?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

The current energies are certainly in alignment with this bleak view. This is why many people are talking about the fact that Americans will take to the streets if their desire for a regime change is denied them. Such talk is truly encouraging civil unrest and highly inflammatory and destructive. It, of course, is being manipulated with subliminal programming to make it seem normal to foment a civil war over a presidential race. But given the ease with which otherwise gentle law-abiding citizens can be persuaded to support putting the military might of the United States in direct military conflict with a foreign nation when there is really no national security threat or vested interest, and many end up dying, why should there not be the ability to create a war at home over a political contest with little practical significance, given the perennial gridlock of the legislature and the other defects in governance that are so well-entrenched with the huge bureaucracy that political figureheads are almost an afterthought?

There is much talk of radical change—that is certainly possible. But even if it is a marked worsening of things, you have a mediocre government already and this is not worth dying over because the possibility of true betterment is meager at the present time. There needs to be an awakening and a return to a spiritual orientation that is truly in divine alignment and not a pseudoreligion as with the New Age Movement. The energies presently are fully in alignment with civil unrest, but even at its worst will not be universal. There will be conflagrations in the major cities, particularly those controlled by the left who are sympathetic to rioters and personally want to see flames because all are programmed on the left to want destruction of the existing order. They are programmed to believe change will only come by destroying the established order and that is the only way to truly break with the past and create the dawn of a new era.

This of course is an illusion—you will not be free if you are dead; you will just be dead. So this is a false promise for an evil purpose but people will be drawn into it through manipulation nonetheless. The divine realm will do its best to temper things, so it remains to be seen how much prayer power can be brought to bear to keep you from killing one another. In a sense, it is squandering spiritual capital that is desperately needed for dealing with the true interlopers and their evil designs. So it is most unfortunate that their plans are all too often successful in causing human misery.