DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialThere is a saying, “When you label me, you negate me,” but it’s hard to grasp the notion of soul attributes without introducing the notion of categories. And categories by necessity utilize labels to denote elements or members. At some point, we do ourselves a disservice by insisting that no one should ever have expectations about another person. This gets to a point of absurdity when we refuse to acknowledge that a petite 100-pound female cannot play on the offensive line of an NFL team. What does Creator say about the tools and usage of categories and labels?
Nicola Staff asked 4 weeks ago
This is perhaps the most frequently abused notion about who a person is and what can be expected of them, that they will match, in most respects, what is understood to apply to their category or label they are given by society. This is a basic corruption throughout your culture, and that was introduced by interlopers to corrupt your thinking and lower your sights to settle for less, not only in making poor distinctions and choices and interpretations but dimming you down and dumbing you down to believe in superficial characterizations as all-important and disregard much of what is truly meaningful. We see this as an obvious simplistic way of thinking that invites an appeal to prejudice, to oversimplify entire groups of people by labeling their ethnicity or their race as being reduceable to a skin color, for example. The entire array of genetically determined characteristics are a downstream end product of soul attribute expression and most are viewed as important, or even prized, simply because they are surface-level attributes, not that they are even meaningful. So here there is a double fault on display. First is the notion that one surface designation, such as race, could be superior or inferior to another, innately. We can tell you that almost all such examples one could point to are culturally determined through lifestyle differences or societal influences to make one group disadvantaged compared to another, or just simply different because they may come from a quite different environment that stimulates development of different strengths. And when you take a fish out of water, it will look less impressive in terms of capabilities compared to a land dweller, but if you reverse the roles, fish will far exceed what a land dweller can handle tossed into the open seas. The second fault is suspension of discernment, that individuals are truly that and deserve to be seen without prejudice, and given every opportunity to demonstrate who they are and what they can do, and not be prejudged by a label, to perhaps be deficient in some way, inviting rejection or discriminatory treatment. The world is rife with divisive cultural beliefs and practices designed to drive a wedge between groups according to their labels and categories. Sometimes there is an inverse corruption that mandates acceptance of individuals who do truly differ. This is most evident currently about the idea of gender, that all genders are equivalent in capability and need to be treated equally in all circumstances and situations. This makes no sense, in practical terms, as evidenced by your example of a petite female expecting to be a professional football player on the offensive line facing opponents of a differing gender that might be three times bigger. The idea of mandating equivalence in treatment, with respect to hiring in that circumstance, is diagnostic of a corruption underway that denies reality and mandates a distorted view of things that can only persist through the inculcation of faulty beliefs to make such notions acceptable. So here the idea of being negated, through being labeled, has a corollary, that one can be accepted, promoted, and supported in an excessive and inappropriate way just as readily, when labels or categories that are practical reality get ignored and overridden by programming to corrupt beliefs. This is a favorite tool of the darkness because it leads to confrontation, points of friction, frustrations, and abuses of all kinds. Again, the reality is, gender is a soul attribute and only one of many possessed by an individual. This is why there are so many flavors, variations in degree of expression. Expecting everyone to have the same personality, preferences, and behaviors according to their gender is a futile expectation, indeed, because who they become and how they behave will be moderated by many additional soul attributes to strengthen and weaken the innate characteristics that go along with gender. So grouping people with one characteristic and lumping them together is misguided and will lead to all kinds of inefficiencies, lost opportunities, misunderstandings, and other negative consequences.