DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionThose following GetWisdom know Creator has revealed the existence of an Extraterrestrial Alliance controlling our solar system, comprised of three unique species of humanoid extraterrestrials originating from different regions of the galaxy. All three civilizations possess homegrown Star Trek-level space-faring technology. All three are members of this alliance in sober recognition of the fact that war between them would be mutually destructive with no clear winner. That is not to say they share power in this alliance equally. One civilization stands out as the dominant member, while the other two find creative ways to align their interests and serve as “associates” of the dominant power. The dominant civilization is the Anunnaki, a race of humanoid giants, mentioned in the Bible, and a ubiquitous presence in ancient history up to the time of Alexander the Great when they collectively ended direct interaction with humans and opted instead for indirect control via hybrid human proxies that we know today as the ruling elite or “cabal.” The next species is the Reptilians. They arrived around the time of Atlantis. The third species is the Arcturians, the most human-like race in appearance, being tall, blond and blue-eyed, often called “Nordics.” They arrived around the same time as the Reptilians and an extraterrestrial war began, resulting in the destruction of Atlantis, while the Anunnaki sat back and watched “for entertainment,” intervening and ending the conflict, which almost destroyed humanity. This brought the warring parties to the bargaining table, and the Extraterrestrial Alliance between the three powers was established. Can Creator reaffirm this recounting of events and what they are doing currently?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago
This is a fairly accurate assessment of the state of affairs, that the Earth has been visited since quite long ago, almost from the very beginning of the creation of the current modern human and its installation on the planet. You were discovered early along by the Anunnaki doing routine surveillance and patrols throughout the galaxy and have been subjugated ever since and manipulated relentlessly, both genetically and in other ways, to keep you complacent, subdued, and subjugated heavily as a source of amusement and entertainment for the extraterrestrials, who lorded over you, because of their nature as a psychopathic criminal species. Their longevity has not served them well because they became corrupted early along by dark spirit beings needing their energy for survival. The extraterrestrial species you speak of, all of them, have become atheists and it has cost them dearly. Humans are on that trajectory as well with the Secular Movement discouraging practice of religion. We are not proponents of human religion either, because there are ways it is corrupted and misguided, but the key problem is if you turn away from us like the others have done, through disbelief, you will begin to be cut off from our support, and that will erode your ability to appreciate and enjoy love which comes from us. That is why the extraterrestrials are currently psychopaths and not kind and benevolent beings as they might wish you to believe. They are ruthless and savage psychopaths, having a criminal mentality, because of their inability to feel compassion in any respect. They hold you in contempt as a lower-order species and have no compunctions about killing you. Some of these extraterrestrials will also use you as food and might torture you, as a way to tenderize you to their liking, prior to your dismemberment. We are being so graphic for a reason, to drive the point home that these beings are beyond the pale, they cannot be reasoned with or persuaded by human beings to show mercy or any consideration. If they pretend to do so, it is a deception only, to gain your trust and compliance to surrender your free will to them, and that deception will cost you dearly in the end. They have been manipulating humanity down through the ages in countless ways as a show of their power and strength. It is the only enjoyment they can experience in the absence of love because nothing else can be generated. Enjoyment of the arts and music will be extremely shallow and little utilized because they, too, are expressions of divinity and its loving nature. They have long ago lost interest in such things, only power and control, subjugation of other beings, and enjoying acts of cruelty that reinforce their egos and give them a kind of thrill, through sadistic pleasure, to shore up their hollowness through self-puffery and self-enjoyment from the power they hold to crush others. This makes them extremely dangerous. They are also highly intelligent, cunning, and are possessed of telepathic capabilities far beyond the human level, which is rudimentary at best, because it has been constrained through genetic manipulation to hobble you mentally. That has been part of their control of you, down through history, to keep you in the dark. They have played these games for many thousands of years now and engineered many calamities, catastrophes, corruptions, and deceptions of all kinds to build you up and then pull the rug out from underneath as a kind of "cosmic joke" to watch you squirm. They delight in human suffering and have set up slave colonies siphoning off parts of the human population to live a horrid existence as slaves in a dead-end existence on other worlds. There is a deep karmic history of trauma from these depredations; that is a large part of why humans are walking wounded and so troubled as a species, the old traumas have never been healed and will be rumbling within you. You are in a weakened state and that makes you quite vulnerable to further manipulation and destruction. These beings simply cannot be trusted and have you in the crosshairs because they truly control the world from behind the scenes to keep their games going, giving you the illusion of free will and freedom of movement, but unfortunately, the divine gifts of free agency and free will you enjoy only exist within a kind of prison colony where humans are more like inhabitants of a zoo, without cages but a more natural habitat where you can seem to go about your lives freely, but all the while are being observed and watched and manipulated indirectly to the delight and amusement of your overseers. This is not true freedom and things may well get worse if you cannot deal with this through divine intervention, but you must arrange that to happen and we will be discussing this further.