DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionYou have mentioned again and again about the growing number of reported alien encounters, and the frequent sightings of unusual aerial phenomena with no conventional explanation, that it is an ongoing plan to condition us to experiencing a benign alien presence, as preparation for a coming Disclosure Event when the alien agenda will be brought out in the open. Is that what’s been happening?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Unfortunately, this is indeed the case. After thousands of years of making mischief from behind the scenes, to watch you struggle in bewilderment and frequent calamities leaving you helpless and struggling, they are tiring of the burden of keeping all of this ongoing because it requires a heavy burden of maintenance, given humans have grown to such huge numbers, and the plans more and more intricate and requiring much lead time and build-up through a series of maneuvers, all of which become somewhat labor intensive for them. It is also growing stale because they have already done so many variations on the theme of power and control, making you dance to their tune, it is harder for them to come up with something truly novel and surprising that is not old to them. They would like to be done with you. They are tired of pushing you around but having you bounce back, and find that inexplicable and somewhat disturbing, because they have the assumption of complete authority and power over you, but yet you sometimes slip through their fingers. They have attempted to annihilate you in the past and seen that get thwarted through some mysterious means they attribute to “human consciousness,” but that is truly times when the divine realm has intervened on your behalf at your request, through prayer, largely.

As atheists, they do not believe any of that makes any difference and simply think you have some mysterious inner power, through your consciousness, that can have an influence when you come together in common cause and do not truly understand the mechanism yourselves. They think the idea of God is superstition only, and have manipulated much of humanity to believe that as well, because they don’t want you even going through those motions, because they see some danger for them when you group together and ask, as a group, for relief, for rescue, for assistance, so they have fought organized religion relentlessly to constrain it, corrupt it, and diminish its power, and that has been highly successful to keep humans in the dark about all that is going on working against them, through these sources of evil, from the interlopers in your world bringing evil with them.