DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialWe assume we as humans fully understand what evil is; what is the divine perspective and definition of evil, given that the divine humans’ purpose is to solve the problem of evil?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

There are basically two kinds of evil in the discussion here. The first is the general departure from divine perfection and its consequences being a lessening, a degradation, a reduction, or a harmful potential to disrupt, to limit, or to undo and malign something in existence or being experienced in some way. So this encompasses much of the experiencing of existence as a physical human because you are in state of limitation and lack and also great vulnerability, inhabiting a fragile physical body that is frequently out of alignment and requires some internal readjustments to bring things back into balance, the so-called homeostasis described by science. Many things can go wrong with that mechanism causing illnesses of all kinds and maladies and symptoms and signs of dysfunction. All, in a sense, are a manifestation of the absence of divine love and energy that would right the wrong, stabilize the unstable, restore what is missing, and uplift what is falling short, to make everything in perfect balance and in harmony on all scales from the personal to the collective of experiencing, and then to the broader reaches of the environment and everything in the cosmos.

In most levels of existence, there is an inner mechanism working to keep things in balance quite effectively. Those mechanisms, principally the Law of Karma, lag in a time sense within the physical plane, and this is what allows the possibility of disruption, disorganization, dishevelment, and even disintegration to occur, because the Law of Karma will not act quickly enough to restore things. It is akin to having a wealthy community whose homes are unguarded and where intruders can rob them or wreak havoc, and things happen to cause problems physically to the environment, through alteration of weather with a resulting flood or lightning strike to cause material damage and loss. This is the inherent instability in the physical arena and the reason why it poses a challenge and is a perfect learning environment to gain wisdom about coping with and overcoming negativity.

The second category of evil is evil intent and the actions taken in reaction to such intentions. This can be directed inward to the self or outward to other individuals or the environment and its component parts. This, too, the Law of Karma will reckon with and ultimately re-assign to someone causing harm to the self or others or even to the broader environment, to enact a penalty and force them to experience a consequence commensurate with the harm they have brought into the universe. In the meantime, much harm can result from perpetrators holding evil intentions. They are the greatest scourge facing humanity and threatening its very existence currently. So, in aggregate, this is a greater source of negativity and concern because of its magnitude and potential for wide-scale harm that might become undoable and might even undo the existence of humanity in the physical and even the earth itself as a physical planetary body. For it is true that the interlopers manipulating your world and having humanity in the crosshairs with plans for annihilation have indeed destroyed other worlds. The workings of the divine consider all a problem, and the Law of Karma will seek to reconstitute and restore everything out of balance and will work relentlessly towards accomplishing this.

The power of consciousness is such that soul-based beings taking matters into their own hands can truly wreak havoc if they choose within the physical plane, and that is the contest underway you are seeing play out in your world currently, and why this is such a serious problem needing a divine solution. In a physical contest, the winner will be those with greatest power over the physical and its energies. When you have a combination of quite intense malevolent intentions truly on the level of depravity exhibited by the sociopaths, coupled with advanced technological expertise for manipulating physical energy to carry out their dark aims, and an ability to manipulate human beings through subliminal mind control and implanting of negative beliefs within them, you have the ultimate villains to contend with. This is why divine help is needed to bring a restoration and a renewed equilibrium to create a state of being where all are in divine alignment and any misalignment is minor and temporary. The current state of affairs within your galaxy is very far from this ideal. This will require an effective human partnership with the divine to heal, and do so in time to save the day. This is possible and you have the tools you need for the task at hand. The only thing missing is more human participation to add strength to the intentions for betterment, to out-vote the dark intentions of the interlopers. This will happen with further awakening of your fellow humans to join with you in this healing enterprise. You can win if you keep going.