DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialWhat about an additional definition of “love” as a misuse of divine love, which can happen in very small ways as well as in very big ways? I think one of the things we’re working to learn here is how to recognize evil quickly, so we can find ways to “nip it in the bud” before it gains ascendency to the point that it poses a risk of getting out of hand.
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

We agree with this perspective. This is why acquiring wisdom is so important, because by definition it is the ultimate understanding and that would bring with it the automatic recognition of evil wherever it shows itself, because that wisdom will provide the discernment to know when something is not in divine alignment and will generate an automatic desire to seek a restoration, a realignment of energies, to bring things back into balance once again so that evil energy is dealt with in an effective way to prevent a negative consequence or to rein in something under way and heal it so the negative consequences can be undone. The ultimate teacher will be a combination of life experience and being motivated to study and embrace the wisdom of those who have come before and wish to pass on the knowledge and insight they have gained through their lifetimes to help those who follow avoid major missteps and the need to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.

So to a large extent, we would say the desire expressed in your question can be answered in the doing of what is unfolding here and now, that you are present listening to this very webinar and wanting to gain the lessons it brings to you, and a desire to see a betterment for humanity which is, after all, the purpose for human existence in bringing a solution for the problem of evil so love can reign. That wisdom to know when love is being challenged, when love is being denied, when it is falling by the wayside through ignorance and neglect, all of the dark influences and consequences humans experience in the course of their lifetime have an answer in a better application of love in some way or another. So there is an art of living that will require both tutoring and study to gain knowledge about life’s pursuits for greater efficiency and effectiveness, but inevitably launching in, and engaging with life oneself, to learn the hard way through bumping into things one was not prepared for or failed to appreciate as hazards. And then righting the ship, so to speak, and gaining the greater wisdom to avoid such things and to carry forward a fuller knowledge of possibilities in being better prepared to sidestep obstacles and difficulties, so they can be countered swiftly and effectively with a positive strategy that will be effective and beneficial to the soul journey, and not be corrupted or tempted to move in a dark direction and create problems needing healing to recover from.

Ultimately, all need to gain from life experience to fully grasp the knowledge and wisdom that can be imparted through words alone, or even perceived intuitively. Humans will naturally have times of daring and risk taking because it is your nature to be bold, to be explorers, to challenge convention and push boundaries. Given the possibility of healing, this is not a weakness but a strength. The hard-won learning provided will make you stronger and you will end up going much further in taking those risks, in being bold and seeking new ways to expand on what you have done already—that will carry humanity forward to its future destiny. Remaining static and unchanging would be a form of stagnation, and all would ultimately chafe and seek a way to break out. The art of living is in acquiring the needed preparation and working wisdom to do so in a way that is productive and safe and will lead to success rather than create new difficulties and stressful experiences causing delayed progress and, in some cases, a growing need for healing that can become an overwhelming burden.