DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionWe have learned from Creator that ongoing physical management of the human population is being carried out predominantly by the Reptilians and human-like Arcturians, with much routine manipulation done via the little alien Grey androids created and programmed by the Arcturians. However, the mental and emotional management of humanity is being carried out predominately by Anunnaki psychics, both physically present in the solar system as well as back on their home planet of Nibiru. It seems any contemplated “Disclosure” will likely involve the Arcturians, and possibly their Grey AI creations, coming forward to reveal the reality of the Reptilians. Though it is likely the Greys will not be introduced as the robots they, in fact, are but as a fully sentient species. Perhaps even the tie between the Greys and Arcturians might be kept hidden. What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

We cannot tell you in advance the precise details of the story they will come up with to deceive you, but it is certain they will disguise their true origins, and most definitely, the fact that multiple ET races are all working in collaboration with one another. In truth, there are no benevolent physical extraterrestrials in the earth plane, nor will there be any who can come to your rescue. That would immediately trigger an act of war, and this you do not want to happen because you would be caught in the middle, and this would cause much human death and suffering. You would immediately be used as hostages, for one thing, with no compunction on their part, as a Dark Alliance, to start killing you so that any compassionate physical extraterrestrials would have to back off because it would not be possible to rescue you intact. So this is a hopeless situation they are claiming can be somehow overcome magically by these “benevolent beings” honoring free will out of respect for you, but somehow having the ability to commandeer and displace a well‑entrenched hostile multi-race cohort of extraterrestrial representatives working in concert, including those who come forth as a deception, offering to be your rescuers. It is a total scam to dupe you into obedient submission and surrender your free will to them by agreeing to cooperate. You, in effect, will all be putting your heads on the chopping block if you agree to this. We cannot put it in more stark terms.

Given the long, long presence of extraterrestrials throughout your history, all three of these races of beings have taken turns manipulating you and exploiting you in countless ways for their own personal satisfaction and advantages, never once truly helping you with anything. Even some of the more advanced technology you have come to enjoy works against you because even though it allows you a powerful means to communicate with one another, it is also used to more powerfully control you and your minds from within, via subliminal programming beamed at you 24 hours a day through every screen you look at—your cell phones, your tablets, your computers, and your television sets. Even the modern power infrastructure, through electronics, is shortening your lifespan through electromagnetic frequencies they know are deleterious to human health and survival, from the microwave frequencies used for the cell phone towers, to the electrical wiring in your homes, it is all toxic in ways it is designed to bring about. This, too, is a kind of “cosmic joke” to let you emulate a more modern civilized way of living and all the while do not realize you have put your heads in a noose that is slowly choking you.

We are not here to make you feel worse than you already do with the challenges of physical existence, but to warn you. There is a reason for human suffering all through the ages. It is coming from the interlopers. There is more than enough land and abundant natural resources to share and to have satisfying and enriching lives lived in harmony. You can learn to get along with one another and would do so naturally without the aliens here to manipulate you, through mind control, to distrust one another and grow hatreds and prejudicial thinking. They are the source of racism, ethnic strife, culture wars, and hatred of those who differ. They arrange false flag operations of all kinds to create grievances, bad blood, and get shooting wars going. They manipulate you to believe you need weapons of war for survival and then use that capability so it becomes a self‑fulfilling prophecy ending in death for many. On and on the carnage goes, teaching you to be savage like they are, godless like they are, heartless like they are, and unforgiving like they are. You blame these traits, and the signs exhibited through human behavior, as a human failing. In actuality, these are alien characteristics that have rubbed off from them in the way they have manipulated and subjected you to mind control manipulation, to cultivate negative beliefs of all kinds, and that has taken a tremendous toll down through the ages. It may well end up destroying you. The answer is divine partnership to bring healing to bear—that is the only solution that can work.