DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionWe expect the Disclosure being contemplated will involve the Arcturians coming forward, perhaps masking their true origins, and making and presenting a dire and breathless warning that Earth is being controlled and subjugated by the evil Reptilians. The Reptilians will be presented as savage conquerors who will violently exterminate most of humanity, and leave any fully enslaved and cruelly managed survivors envying the dead. The human leadership of Earth will be offered an alliance with these extraterrestrials coming forward to both lead us and protect us, falsely claiming they are benevolent and honor our free will. We just need to agree to accept them and pledge to abide by their decisions concerning our future and welfare, all for our own “collective good” of course. In exchange for our fealty and obedience, we will be promised a grand future of galactic citizenry and advancement beyond our wildest dreams. Meanwhile, we expect the Anunnaki will be using their mind control to manipulate humanity subliminally to go along and accept the Arcturian offer. What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

The broad outlines here are an accurate projection of this planning and how it will be orchestrated. The Reptilians are a perfect “bad guy” to fit that role as an evil scourge. They are savage-looking, savage by nature, and indeed have done much to cause human suffering again and again and again as they relish being among you in disguise, and even taking part in human warfare and its leadership, to cause human death and destruction. They are the extraterrestrials carrying out the widespread phenomenon of cattle mutilations. This is truly an act of depravity where they drink the blood, surgically remove some organs they see as a delicacy for consumption, and then leave the corpse to be found in a mysterious way with wounds not typical of animal predators. This is a true calling card serving the Disclosure Movement by paving the way to a future revelation of the depravity of these beings; they will make a good poster child for malevolent extraterrestrials among you and wreaking havoc, and in need of constraint and removal.

However they present the story, there will be many examples to point to in why this is a dire circumstance and a kind of “cosmic emergency.” They will be able to not only sound an alarm but ramp up fear tremendously, through mind control manipulation, to make people desperate for rescue and to feel very threatened and helpless in the bargain—a perfect prescription for creating chaos and disarray, civil disobedience, and a kind of cultural gridlock where people will feel so desperate they suspend normal activities, contemplating their doomsday, and things may grind to a halt. Under such circumstances, governments will have to act but, in truth, will be totally helpless to do anything on a human scale, with human tools, and will be forced to accept the alien offer, to give them authority and promise cooperation, so we can envision this going very smoothly and to their advantage to get what they want.

We have been working against this behind the scenes ourselves, through the workings of GetWisdom primarily, because so few people are aware of the sinister nature of Disclosure, because humanity is being groomed to see extraterrestrials as basically advanced and benevolent. You have been programmed with that belief for many, many years now, that any advanced civilization would have already worked through the need for war and long ago dispensed with negativity, as being unproductive and self-defeating, so any civilization with super capabilities and advanced technology would much more likely be benevolent and trustworthy than hostile. That clever deception has worked to keep you complacent, through many, many decades now, of their gradual emergence putting on a kind of display, a show for you, to play into those expectations, that it would be wonderful to be able to talk with an extraterrestrial and to finally have the government dispense with its secrecy and come clean about what they know, that ETs are in your midst and wanting to have a peaceful meetup, and a benevolent partnership, to be of help for the advancement of humanity further if this can be done safely given the warlike nature of humanity, and so on. And, of course, that “human negativity,” as we have told you, is entirely their creation to begin with so this is a circular exercise that is entirely deceitful and a giant manipulation to keep you running in circles, disempowered, and in a state of fear and engineered helplessness.