DWQA QuestionsCategory: DisinformationWe understand how the New Age Movement promotes the Law of Attraction as the result of a disinformation strategy to make people think it is the be-all and end-all tool for manifesting abundance. Can you give us a tutorial on the differences between the Law of Karma and the Law of Attraction, and the relative effectiveness of healing your karma, versus focusing on what you want to attract with your thoughts, as a way to gain happiness and abundance?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

The two have similarities as well as marked differences. The Law of Attraction can be thought of as a more local phenomenon. It is a product of consciousness and the direction of energy through thought, and that construct will create an inner resonance to summon memories and other associations within the deep subconscious about the focus of the thoughts. This is one level of the Law of Attraction at work. It will cue the person by association to tap into deeper understanding and knowledge about the subject in question as well as to begin, in many cases, a review of the akashic records to see what has been experienced directly about the subject in question, and this will have a further resonance to amplify and strengthen the intention behind the thoughts themselves, especially if there is an emotional consequence from the review underway in the deep subconscious. That will increase the intensity and urgency of the subject at hand being investigated further, or held for a longer time within the thoughts to ponder the question at hand, and perhaps devise a new course of action or strategy if it is a problem of some sort.

The Law of Attraction also pertains to an aspect of the chemistry between individuals because the interplay of thoughts via the personal thought plane will be noticed many times by people with a basic intuitive reach common to most individuals. So there will be an energetic recognition when someone is holding a similar mood or has a similar interest expressed within their thought plane, and this will create a mutual attraction then and there that could lead to a friendship or a deepening relationship. This is also the playground of the sexual chemistry when males and females are attracted to one another or persons with other variations of sexual preference. It is not just feelings within but the radiation outward of the energetic signature of the desire felt on seeing or hearing or meeting a person who is appealing. Those thoughts and their nature will often be intuited by the subject of the desire. This may be telegraphed as well through body language, eye contact, and so forth, but it will be apparent to the attractive target of such thoughts that the onlooker has thoughts about them as well. This is not conscious. It is an unconscious perception via the intuitive gateway the person is holding a level of curiosity and interest in them.

This Law of Attraction can be appealed to and is the basis of generating team effort and harmony to undertake a task, as in the workplace, for example, or in a school setting where the teacher wishes to motivate the students to engage with a deep interest and desire and thirst for knowledge about a subject and to get their curiosity going to have a give and take with a discussion, for example. As the students come into alignment thinking along the same lines, they will be interacting with one another energetically via the thought plane of those present and will be making the rounds and sampling what others are thinking and feeling. This will contribute a resonance to their own inner vibration in reaction to the questions at hand and the stimulus provided by the instructor or the team leader in a work setting. This cements bonds among the group present, or certainly between the individuals and the instructor or leader, and is a byproduct that facilitates the exercise. This is the energetic cording that results. It will be a conveyance as well, of the energies of the resonating ideas and shared focus. But beyond the person with the thoughts, there will be contributions made to the collective unconscious so they can be shared and appreciated more widely and, in turn, the person’s intuitive reach will attract and bring back into the awareness of the deep subconscious at least similar ideas, concepts, thoughts, and feelings that resonate in some way with what they are ruminating about. This adds depth and richness to the awareness and can be a springboard for new ideas and serve as validation of personal feelings as well. When they get a sense there is like-minded energy out there, it will be mutually reinforcing. This is how groupthink can influence the individual and vice versa.

These illustrations make the point that the Law of Attraction is largely a function of consciousness and so will impinge on aspects of consciousness much more so than the physical realm directly. The Law of Karma embraces the totality of energies of the universe and, as such, it is much more powerful, being able to influence the physical realm as well as aspects of the human experience including thoughts and feelings. The interplay of thoughts with the akashic records activates the karmic repository to initiate the delivery of karmic messages and consequences. This is partly self-controlled and partly controlled by the Law of Karma itself.

Karma, as a Law of Nature, will be scrupulous in monitoring all that takes place and will, in effect, look for opportunities to rebalance anything that is off-kilter caused by living things perturbing the energies in some way or another. Every action of a human being that influences other beings and other consciousness will generate, in many cases, a karmic consequence if there is something taken out of balance. This can happen when harm is done and when something is interfered with in a negative fashion or a positive fashion. The positive influences are seen as desirable by the Law of Karma because what is being used as the measure is how much love is being imparted by the individual. With love being the currency, karma can see to it that rewards and blessings are bestowed on the originator at some point. This will be quite variable as to the timing and can even come in subsequent lifetimes if an earlier opportunity does not present itself representing a good enough energetic match to the positive karma bestowed by the person. Because of the elegance, power, and sophistication of karma, the array of consequences from its interactions are much more varied and much more able to impact a person and the environment as well because oftentimes a change in the physical surroundings might be essential to the delivery of a karmic lesson and to effect the rebalancing. So if the actions of a person result in physical destruction as well as harm to other beings, there may well be a parallel consequence to the environment of the perpetrator at some point in the future, with a corresponding loss or impairment of personal property and belongings in addition to unhappy feelings and physical impairment if that is warranted.

In contrast to the Law of Attraction, which is local to the individual as well as group phenomena taking place in the moment, and depends on the repositories of consciousness being a potential energetic source of resonance, the Law of Karma has an endless reach. It traverses the entire universe and impinges everywhere. It also traverses time, and this is another way it is much more profound. It influences the past and the future as well as the present moment when appropriate, so its effects have a much more profound influence on things and the destiny of all forms of consciousness and their doings. The consciousness within most of the universe and its organisms will stay relatively in balance in most respects with small variations, and there will be, due to the environment in many cases, a self-correcting mechanism to prevent things getting unbalanced to a significant degree. It is the actions of consciousness of higher organisms having a larger range of possible actions that can get that being into trouble, either through ignorance, lack of experience, inattention or, in some cases, a willful desire to cause trouble in some way. Depending on the source and its range of influence energetically, the consequences can be small or truly gigantic, and far exceed what influence is possible through the Law of Attraction alone.

This is why the most important phenomena to consider in life for well-being, happiness, health, and creating abundance, involves seeing to one’s personal karmic potentials to be sure all possible healing is being arranged for, to stay ahead of one’s mistakes and karmic liabilities. This is the most important and potentially most beneficial action one can take to help life go smoothly and be successful in reaching the maximal possible potential given the life circumstances. This brings into clearer focus why the Law of Attraction is a meager tool compared to the workings of karma. The influences put into motion by exercising loving kindness in a karmic fashion, done in a selfless way not to attract something for the self, but to render a benefit to someone in need, are always noted and will engender a divine response that will be amplified according to the full consequences of the beneficent action taken by the individual. It is largely the selfless acts of sharing and compassion that bring the greatest rewards to an individual and will be far, far greater than what the person can bring to themselves via the Law of Attraction.