DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerWe’ve learned that Divine Protection comes in many guises. For humans especially, there is a baseline protection assumed in the life plan of each individual, affording occasional intervention to prevent death or severe injury when it threatens to compromise the life plan made before the individual was born. Can Creator explain how this works, and if it is there even for atheists?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This, in effect, is not a custom plan, except in a very few individual cases. Everyone, including non-believers who have returned to the light and then, most likely, will be inclined to be non-believers in their new incarnation, are given support through life force energy to keep going. After all, if you do not have the life force within you, you will die and have to return to the light and cannot accomplish anything further. The whole point of incarnation is to work on your issues and those of the human community you wish to help. To have every life truncated quickly by accidental death would limit progress, greatly. Even those who are not the most upstanding citizens, like true believers who might accomplish more as a consequence, still contribute energy and do bring some light in, regardless of personal beliefs and the hazards in navigating their way in a world of disconnection seen to by the interlopers, causing people to be born with no conscious recollection of who they are and where they are from.

So the life plan will involve some extra attention to the issue of safety for many who will be in harm’s way, by virtue of the particular aims of that lifetime, but all are at risk and this is a given and known in advance. Everyone coming down knows you are going up against the forces of darkness in a contest between good and evil, and choosing bravely to come forth regardless, and put your life on the line and risk karmic wounding that will haunt you in the future, and have already accumulated a larger backlog of negative karmic events in your experience than you have ever been able to heal, so the liabilities are always mounting with each return to life. This is a measure of your courage and your resolve, to fight for what you believe in, to rescue humanity and the many other worlds under threat from the darkness if at all possible—that is what you are devoted to. Your own personal healing is, in many ways, a blessing but is also a necessity to take care of, at least enough to keep you from being destroyed very quickly on your return each time. You must have at least a fighting chance, a reasonable start, to get anything done, otherwise there would be little point in returning, just to repeat suffering and add more suffering to the pile.