DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerWe know that members of the ET Alliance are soul-based beings, but due to their extreme disconnection, no longer have guardian angels protecting them individually. We know most, if not all of them, are cut off from their own higher selves. Is the higher self still monitoring the individual and offering inspiration? Do they still have “life plans” being pursued?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

What you are describing is all correct and true. The extraterrestrials in your realm are all negative and have reached an extreme level of depravity, bringing about more evil than not, and will not lift a finger to help humanity in any fashion, except to deceive and create a worse outcome down the line, which will take back any kind of benefit that was offered falsely to dupe naive human beings into trusting them, and their representatives forced to serve through mind control manipulation, often with no awareness whatsoever they are contributing to the darkness in all they do. These dark extraterrestrials, in coming from the light, do have a life plan to try and turn things around through a kind of resistance within to give them an impulse to moderate the extremes of behavior they are subjected to, including their own upbringing and conditioning to serve the dark aims of their race at the expense of anything and everything else, and to serve themselves first and foremost. This is the nature of the culture and the extreme that has come about where not even loyalty to one another can be counted on. That is a measure of the selfishness and depravity reaching such an extreme that all are functioning sociopaths, so it is more like a den of thieves when they get together than a group of beings working for a common purpose for a lofty goal of some kind. All they do is a calculated measure to gain something for themselves personally, in the end.

Under such circumstances, every attempt is made by the light to reach them during the course of their lives with inspiration and encouragement to soften their thinking and be open to alternative strategies and choices that are less draconian and devastating to their victims. But we must admit, in most cases, it falls on deaf ears at this point. We do not give up, the higher selves as well do not give up, but try working within the being of these lost ETs in trying to turn them around. They need more than a little inner inspiration because anything positive so goes against the grain it will rarely be embraced readily. On occasion, there is a being who has been rehabilitated enough there is a glimmer of divinity still within that can be appealed to and generate some true altruistic inclinations. This is a kind of miracle when it happens but it is just the thing that can make a difference in turning things around with respect to the alien agenda, which is a dark one, and that will be necessary in order for humanity to survive at this point. The divine realm is working to improve them because the divine human is doing so, and still in the fight, so to speak. If you give up, we become powerless. It is your intention to make things better that we borrow—your prayers, your yearnings for a better world and a better life, and for all who suffer from evil impulses and lose their way to be raised up—that creates a lot of mileage we can capitalize on in wanting to help these lost ones overcome the huge hurdles they have created for themselves as much as anyone else, in finding their way back again to divine alignment.