DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious ChannelingWhat are the best rules to use when doing subconscious channeling with trauma resolution for infants and children and communicating back to the parents?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

In most cases, the demonstration of plausible explanations for reincarnation being a force to reckon with would weigh in favor of such communication of findings. The preparation of the parents would help them to appreciate their child is not a blank slate simply there to absorb the traits of the parents and be shaped solely by what they do, but rather that they are taking in a wholly formed soul-based being as their youngster who will have soul characteristics and imperatives of their own. All of this can help prepare parents to both honor and respect their children and the unique heritage they represent, extending far beyond their creation as a baby in the womb, seemingly beginning from biology alone with fertilization of the egg and a combination of the gametes containing the family genes. So there will be a number of contributions to the culture, as more and more people are exposed to these concepts.

In order to prepare the parents for guiding their children, having an appreciation and deeper understanding of their past history, especially with regard to points of vulnerability, can help them to be more understanding and sensitive to the needs of the young, that there may be quite powerful issues brewing that are imperatives, and this will help parents be more understanding and better coaches and loving caregivers in appreciating that the pain and discomfort runs quite deep. So there is often much more going on when they simply see a fussy baby. Being privy to some of the inner workings will help parents better appreciate that their infants have quite serious things on their mind and quite deep needs for love, acceptance, and nurturing to see them through.

There will be particular situations where parents will not be the best stewards because of preconceived notions and biases and strong aversions to certain circumstances. This cannot be helped and may often be unknown to the practitioner, so it will not be possible to safeguard against particular hot buttons that might be triggered with revealing certain kinds of information about an infant and its past doings. Where there is a known potential conflict, there may be a possibility of softening the blow, so to speak, by withholding some information about the session. This can usually be handled adroitly with an explanation of not wanting to share things that might be uncomfortable, and now they have been dealt with, all can move on.

This will be a judgment call and a challenge on an ongoing basis to be alert for potential problems that could be headed off in advance, but most times this will not be foreseen. It is inevitable there will be some karmic missteps. This is true in all of life; every interaction will fall short despite best intentions. People will only give so much of themselves and not know when an extra measure of personal sacrifice could open a door for someone and change their destiny. So to do it routinely would quickly deplete the would-be caregiver and be an obstacle to their progress and continued service. You are not in an ideal world; that takes much greater resources than you enjoy as a physical human, so the level of ignorance will be a mitigating factor in the karmic consequences of sharing information from the session work you do—the benefits will outweigh the disadvantages, and that is what counts.