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Nicola Staff asked 2 weeks ago

This is a basic framework; you need to understand that this has many aspects and many dynamics, in particular, all of which are energetic and represent a type of consciousness. This is what cording represents, it is, in effect, a stream of consciousness that continues to exist, carrying an intention that is definable and can be referenced again and again. That is why there can be positive as well as negative cordings, because ill intentions will be a part of the energetic cording and can potentially do harm unless healing is done to change the nature of the energy intended.

We do not worry about being harmed by human thought and emotion, but we can tell you there are karmic consequences. If you are angry with God, if you hate God, or you fear God, the karmic consequences will be to lower you in some way vibrationally, and that will distance you somewhat from us because we cannot be on the same wavelength when you choose a darker aspect. So the relationship, through communication and even the mechanism and consequences of those communications, becomes a karmic consequence for better or worse. This also represents a potential healing need that can benefit you. The same types of karmic repair you request for the individual, you can apply to your relationship with Creator, much as you would in wanting to heal a falling out with your best friend or a rift between you and a spouse. The most important need, of course, is strengthening the belief quotient and the level of trust in addition to working on yourself to overcome your karmic woundings that might get in the way of a relationship with the divine. So this is an area of great need for most individuals and something worthy of being emphasized in your teachings.