DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerYou have told us in answer to a recent question: “What is needed here is a fuller understanding and mechanistic description of human intention being launched to have an interplay with the divine realm and how that brings about changes, big and small, through divine interaction.” Can you help start this learning with a tutorial about the mechanism of human interaction with the divine realm? If a human outreach went to the collective unconscious repository of human thought to await a response, it would not be private. Does the intention to speak to the Almighty create a special cording to Creator that persists until the reason for the outreach is satisfied?
Nicola Staff asked 2 weeks ago

You have seen quite well, intuitively, how an outreach to Creator is segregated automatically from other general thoughts that always go to the collective unconscious repository to be shared with others as a feature of being a member of the human family. Divine communication is meant to be personal and private because there are many situations and circumstances when one does not want the innermost thoughts and fears to be on display and discerned by others. There is much need for discretion in how the divine realm deals with human issues and problems and personal needs of individuals, and much of that discretion is best served by maintaining secrecy so people can be open and forthright, and brutally honest in opening up their mind and heart to Creator with safety, knowing that their secrets are safe and will not be shared with others.

So, indeed, you have seen accurately there is a special cording that arises with each and every outreach to Creator by the human mind and heart. This is shielded and masked to be invisible to third parties and this is a special aspect of consciousness that makes this so. This is what accomplishes the formation of a bond between you and us and how it can grow and strengthen, deepen and widen, with repeat engagements, each of which adds to that cording. Indeed, there may be many, many cordings of various kinds for various purposes and various categories of need and topics of value to revisit to gain new knowledge, add perspectives, or initiate new requests for assistance. Many highly spiritual people have quite extensive libraries of such cordings developed through a lifetime of partnership with us, and that is as it should be, much as a marriage between two people develops very strong bonds and a rich tapestry of shared intimacies, deep inner thoughts and yearnings, hopes and dreams, likes and dislikes, and often a very honest baring of the soul, so to speak, from having developed a high level of trust in the partner. This is what we seek to have with each one of you, but it is up to you in what you can create on your end that determines how we can match that. We cannot greatly exceed what you bring to the party and what you establish as the conditions and parameters for the interchange. This is why developing a habit of reaching out to us in prayer is so very valuable as it will build that partnership through increasing and strengthening the bonding from the repetition of outreach to us and, over time, done with greater and greater confidence, intensity, honesty, openness, with a state of allowing through high expectations and complete trust that we will be there to help you and can, indeed, make things happen for your benefit.