DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit MeddlersWhat is the origin of my new client’s sex addiction? Is this being exacerbated by new spirit meddler involvement? Is he being targeted by the Extraterrestrial Alliance to undermine him in this way?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

You have hit on the extra dimension you need to understand here. His dilemma is indeed karmic, but this karma involves the Extraterrestrial Alliance and they indeed are targeting him. This is a parallel to the situation with your client harboring an incubus lost soul human spirit that is earthbound with sexual proclivities, and has been weaponized by alien spirits to be used in this way, to have a campaign of terror against living female humans who are particularly upset by such personal unwanted attentions. In the case of this client, he is being induced against his will to have inappropriate sexual feelings and encouraged to act on them to the point it is truly limiting his life, including any chance at happiness with a true love partner. It will interfere more deeply with other spheres of activity as well. As you have observed about coworkers personally, people have been fired from their jobs for spending time online with Internet pornography and perhaps creating a spectacle of themselves if observed masturbating by coworkers at their computers, and so on.

When such interests become a compulsion, there is always more to the story than the person themselves not being able to control their inner sex drive. There is always a heavy spirit meddler cohort involvement pushing karmic buttons and engaging in a constant manipulation to keep thoughts focused on self-pleasuring and to have that grow not only in intensity, but to widen the scope to encompass increasingly reckless choices, knowing this will undermine the host all the more. In the case of targeted individuals, where this path is deemed the shortest path to manipulating them in a devastating way considering their profile, this ups the ante considerably, because they have highly effective means to manipulate human sexual feelings and even love feelings that have no true anchor, and because these are so pleasurable are impossible to resist. The siren song is simply too powerful given human yearnings in being thirsty for love and with sexual feelings being such a powerful reward for utilizing this as an outlet for passion.

So as you are concluding in the moment, this is the reason it has not yielded readily to a therapeutic intervention with the subconscious channeling and trauma resolution. While that has been working on the underpinnings for his vulnerability to this particular manipulation, that approach will not undo the manipulation itself. This is most unfortunate because they can re-create the dilemma. Even if they ignore him for a while and he seemingly recovers and no longer needs this as an outlet, they can go back to work on him in earnest and quickly reestablish this liability in behavior and he will be quite helpless to prevent it from happening. This is not a character flaw or weakness, it is simply humans are vulnerable to manipulation, and this means everyone. The karmic set-up is simply what to the interlopers seems like the quickest path to cause an ongoing distraction to keep the person sidelined in life. So the ultimate answer will be deep divine healing work with the Lightworker Healing Protocol.