DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolWhen we ask in the Lightworker Healing Protocol for all beings in the light, including humans, extraterrestrials, angels, archangels, and Creator and the other consciousness in the environment to do healing sessions of their own in parallel to ours, how effective are these sessions compared to what can be accomplished using the intention of the practitioner launching the request? Are each of the added sessions equal to, greater than, or less than the practitioner’s intention because it is the latter, divided amongst the many millions of divine participants doing healing on their own, which empowers their session?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

We can tell you that the healing power is greater. What is needed to unleash all of this help is the intention of the Lightworker Healing Protocol practitioner. That is why it is so important for as many humans as possible to embrace and use the Lightworker Healing Protocol, because each being has its own limited reach, and that is including Creator, because of the rules of engagement regarding free will first and foremost, and other considerations in the balance of forces involved here with the contest between the light and the darkness. So even though you are calling on beings in a higher mode of effectiveness, there are still constraints and it is a numbers game in bringing in a sufficient amount of help to turn the tide and reach a tipping point that becomes unstoppable, leading to withdrawal of the interlopers from your realm once and for all. So you can take heart that you are not calling on faint hope here, but you are bringing in truly big guns, so to speak, to work on your behalf, but we do not want you to become complacent thinking this will guarantee a quick solution and a certain one. That is not yet the case. There needs to be continued effort and pressure being applied to turn the tide here because the ramp up against you is high-level and quite considerable with the force of consciousness behind it.

So there are two major variables in play always with a healing request—not only the power and force of the healing that can be brought to bear on the problem, but the size of the problem itself, its duration, its severity, and the degree to which it is enmeshed in human karma and the many constraints humans themselves have created that are an obstacle to healing that will slow down all healing efforts, even those done by Creator directly. This is why repeated requests and a marshaling of forces makes sense because it helps to compensate for the weakness of the human clients themselves and even the individual practitioners of the Lightworker Healing Protocol, who may be in better divine alignment, but in acting as an advocate still only have a certain degree of reach in terms of their spiritual force. So all the other ways the Protocol is amplified through leveraging additional resources will promote effective outcomes over the long-term, but there needs to be enough participating to initiate sessions, and that is still the key because it is the weak link. The light beings are, in effect, tireless and virtually unlimited in their access to energy and they can work across time effectively, fluidly, and do many, many repeat sessions much more than any human practitioner could accomplish, but the number of those sessions will still be in proportion to the initial requests of a human Lightworker Healing Protocol practitioner requesting the assistance in the first place. It is those numbers of primary requests that need to increase.