DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerWill the following introduction to using the Creator’s Recommended Prayers be acceptable and effective: “Source Creator, apply the following prayers each and every day, to myself, my loved ones, and every being everywhere, in all time domains, in increments proportional to my spiritual reach, so no one is underserved and all are covered, eventually. Pool the intentions of all who use these prayers and apply them to augment the power of each incremental prayer launched by each individual?”
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

This will work quite nicely to achieve what you intend, to augment the prayer power, particularly through creating an aggregate of intentions that will empower each prayer offering to make the most of it and get the fullest benefits for all potential targets. We understand this is leaving out some of the detailed targets within the Lightworker Healing Protocol, such as Gaia, the explicit mention of ETs, other recipients within the Milky Way Galaxy, the Ether, and all of Time, for example, but this becomes quite esoteric for the average person drawn to you to learn more about prayer empowerment. The simple description to “target all beings everywhere” can certainly be stretched to include almost everything because, in a sense, everything is a being of consciousness and certainly applies to all spirits and extraterrestrial beings, in addition to humans.