DWQA QuestionsCategory: DisinformationWill using the Law of Attraction help people advance their career or business success?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

The Law of Attraction has been oversold as a productivity tool. The Law of Attraction is simply a recognition of energy drawn to its equal in kind. This does not happen in a vacuum; this happens as a consequence of an energy outlay. The energy outlay cannot be totally self‑contained such as creating something within one’s own thoughts, which is often the assumption, that by wanting something means you will get it. The universe does not work this way. It is wishful thinking and is rightfully called “magical thinking,” that you can have miracles simply by visualizing the event in question. No one knows you are doing this but you. If you send your thoughts out, they will have a weak effect on something but will not be able to manipulate the physical environment to a significant degree. That can happen with light beings in the high vibrational world they inhabit, but in the physical earth plane, things take place with more prosaic kinds of energy.

A plan might start by forming a desire and an intention to see something accomplished, but then there must be an action step of some kind to move toward it to create an opportunity for it to come your way. This cannot be done through creating a symbol and focusing on it or repeating a mantra over and over. You can reinforce your own desire in that fashion, but if you do not put that desire into action in some way that is concrete and sends energy forth with a purpose and an intention behind it that others can see, you are just fooling yourself. Many are being duped about this principle in presenting it as the be-all and end-all of success in life. This is a sinister disinformation campaign to weaken people, misdirect them, and keep them stalled and unproductive.