DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsYears ago, you told me that one of the causes of global warming was human consciousness, specifically all the fears about the environment being ginned up by the Climate Change Movement itself. While I interpreted that to represent a direct effect of human thought on Gaia, was that assumption wholly or partly untrue? To what extent does the influence of human belief there will be worsening climate change until fossil fuel use is restricted, tie the hands of the divine realm and keep it from doing more to help the planet because they cannot work against human intention, even when based on false beliefs?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

You have hit on an important consideration here; this indeed is the missing piece in the story mechanistically, that while our description of human consciousness being a drag on things would be seen by most, superficially, as a direct consequence of dark thoughts harming the planet directly, what truly happens is when humans expect the worst and are not reaching out to the divine for help directly, any general prayers that have been launched cannot be repurposed as readily and as fully to work on an area that has been, in a sense, cursed by humans themselves believing it will only worsen and, in effect, decreeing this will happen. Keep in mind under the rules of engagement, human is the king of your domain so we must play a subsidiary role, a supporting role, unless invited to spearhead an initiative for the betterment of humanity and the things you contend with. So while there are some praying for help with global warming, most who worry about climate change are not doing prayer work but, in effect, are cursing the planet, dooming it to failure through their belief this will happen and, in effect, are overruling our desire to help make a difference and so this must be balanced by the requests of others wanting us to improve things more directly.

This is why humans can get in the way of things, and it is analogous to what happens on a personal level when we have been requested to help someone heal but they hold inner beliefs they are worthless, that God has forgotten about them, or might even want them to suffer. There can be hundreds to thousands of negative beliefs that in some way tie the hands of the divine who otherwise would be eager to help improve things but may have to work quite indirectly for a considerable period of time in a way that could eventually catch up to when these dark beliefs were created and perhaps forestall that from happening—that is a quite lengthy and time‑consuming process and illustrates the great power humans have to harm themselves and darken their own world through making many faulty assumptions and cultivating dark beliefs about the causes of things and having low expectations for there being a better day in the future.