DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA client asks: “As you know, I’m currently building my house. Last week, there was an issue with the lease contract between my neighbors concerning my land borders. As of now, the issue has been solved. However, looking back, I was more stressed than needed. I felt unnecessary paralyzed and drowned. I intuitively feel that this small issue touches upon a deeper trauma concerning my fear and worry of injustice. I want to heal this and I already included the issue in my LHP sessions. However, could Creator tell me if a subconscious channeling would be beneficial, too, and if the fear and worry of injustice is the only issue here?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Your diagnosis is close to the mark here, that having conflict over an issue that is seemingly an unjust or unfair treatment of you is an underlying karmic re-echoing of past circumstances. That is very much the case. It is hard to avoid as a physical human such encounters, in fact, as so much of life puts people in conflict with one another, so confrontations, arguments, and even brutalization and wrongdoing of a criminal sort are all too commonplace. This would benefit from a deep subconscious channeling as it will tap into the broader issue of being treated unfairly, so this would be worthwhile.