DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious MindA client comments: “Thank you for responding so quickly and doing the clearing on myself and my family. I have waited until now to respond to see if I noticed any difference, sadly I have not. I have implemented the prayer you attached with the house clearing, the same day I received it, and have been using my code word daily. I am distressed to still have my spirit attachment, and now am at a complete loss, as to why it was not removed during my session. I do have contact with my spirit guide, when I can clear away the other spirit, so I am completely 100% my higher self allowed the angels access to do what needed to be done. I know your email says the angels can only clear what they find, so why, why was this spirit not found and helped? I’m beyond frustrated, and losing faith fast, I don’t know were else to turn, what else to do, but my life is not my own, I fight for the right to walk were I want to, say what I want to, and text my own thoughts. Right now I am struggling to text this. Please if you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them. I am on the verge of not going on any more.” Does she still have an attachment? Is she really communicating with her higher self? What can we do for her and share with her about her predicament?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

As you surmised, she does not continue to have her attachment. This has been all along, the working of her own mind, a part of her deep subconscious that is impinging on her conscious thoughts at times and stirring up trouble for her. This has been countered with another part of the mind acting as the higher self and it indeed obtains guidance and support from higher self in this capacity, so in a sense, it is like a channeler, not with explicit wording and conversation, but with the essence of the message translated into thought that serves the purpose of communication. So she is not wholly out of alignment but only partly, with respect to the part of her mind tormenting her. This is simply the long-term legacy of a long-standing spirit attachment that has corrupted the inner part of the mind to produce various experiences and sensations and is seen as an interloper because all of the consequences are undesired and perturb things.

So she is seeing intuitively, the true nature and origin of this consciousness, but it is a mimic, created by her mind to produce. In response to a direct request for support and considering her belief in the possibility of healing is at stake, there is no easy way to skirt the issue by withholding the truth, simply because it might be upsetting to hear. There is a problem closer to home and not a possible simple solution and an easy fix, but it is still better to have only a relic of a past intrusion than to suffer an ongoing assault by an outside malevolent force actively seeking one’s undoing. You can encourage her to disregard all signs of its presence, and that it will fade in intensity and potential influence. If she believes she is in control of herself, it will be powerless, and that is the correct perspective to hold and will become the reality. It seems threatening because it is not controllable to the extent it can be extinguished, but it is controllable with respect to the potential consequences, and that will be enough to allow her to be safe and to keep going while the longer term healing is underway to assist this to fade and disappear eventually.