DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial SpiritsA client writes: “I was told by a guy who had an impact on me years ago, that I am a fallen angel. Just like him and about 3% of the people. He’s a spiritual teacher who developed his method of regression based on rebirthing (Leonard Orr’s breathing therapy) and I guess vipassana meditation or whatever. In his teachings, that guy says that astral plane is something we should stay away from because real God and enlightenment is above it. And the fallen angels he talks about originate from the causal world which is above astral. He thinks that archangels don’t have divine consciousness. All channelings come from ghosts in his eyes, whether they are ghosts from lower astral or from higher astral, the higher astral beings also want to suck energy and so on, they are not enlightened. He differentiates 3 kinds of fallen angels, by the dominant color in aura, blue ones – they came down for emotions, that’s the majority, me and him included, red ones – they came down to experience form in the matter and white ones who were recoded to take on some missions associated with ‘white astral.’ There can also be golden angels but that’s just when your vibrations go higher with spiritual development, your aura has a gold color. Is there any merit to this?”
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

This is a mix of truths and untruths that are essentially misinterpretations. He is seeing the differing planes of existence with accuracy up to a point, that the lower realms are the playground of the dark beings and those cannot be trusted to be accurate reporters or to be harmless. They will make mischief, and worse, and cannot be trusted. He is lumping the archangels in with these because he has had encounters to the point where an imposter of an archangel was unreliable, and he saw through the ploy but drew the false conclusion that all archangels cannot be trusted and that this cohort is not what people have believed all through the ages. That is an over‑pessimistic interpretation of things. The one does not outrule the other—that imposters can be prevalent, but archangels still exist who are genuine and working for the divine. The difficulty is with communication and perceiving an energy masquerading as an angel to know whether it is genuine or not—this is the greatest challenge intuitives face across the board and is not yet solved.

The depiction of you as a fallen angel is an intuitive recognition, as is so for many, many people, there has been a darkening and a spirit infestation and a manifestation of dark energy through you, but this is a misinterpretation of spirit possession as representing your actual makeup and energy. So he is seeing intuitively a blending of the beings involved and can clearly see the darkness. The depiction of aura colors is showing him differences in the qualitative assessment of the energy and is unique to him and his way of perceiving things so it will not translate to others in the same way—so is not very useful. There are indeed many differences among beings with respect to their spiritual status of enlightenment, even in the higher astral realms, but the beings in the higher astral can be trusted, and are divine, and are operating with divine protection. It is the lower realms where the faulty truths and the faulty beings filled with untruths reside and will attempt to deceive and manipulate others.